is nika an owl?

Mr Xavier (another instructor) aka they blue shirt guy if you ask nika has had pretty note-worthy interactions with our team so far. Mostly all nika…

  1. So the first time we encountered each other was during lunch and we were the super awkward team at the ‘dark corner’ of the pantry area eating peacefully and there, he appeared. Nika craned her not very long neck to get a better view of the him. Not letting go of him in sight, she pivoted her neck further. They locked eyes. We stared. “Are you an owl?” He dared. Nika turned her neck back nearly 360° back before answering “no”


2.The second “encounter” the setting was pretty much similar and the same thing happened. This time he asked again after long awkward states, “do you want to ask me something“.

“How many of those shirts do you have you always wear the same blue shirt like everyday?”



Wow nika, wow I’m speechless.

Geeking awkwardly away,

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