Maelynn has hearing problems?!?

I’m still laughing hold…hold on…

-to be sung in the tune of 12 days of Christmas song- (just in time for the festive season!)

On the first day if production,
Ms Heather asked of us:
Tooooo cre-ate a fold-errrrr~~

On the second week of production,
Maelynn went away,
For oneee sin-gle dayyy

But we needed something,
In this file
So we had to geeeet it our-selves~~

Guess what now,
What was the file named?

Oh but oh my god,
Its supposed to be geekstrux_daily….
– – –



*shouts *Maelynn please get your poor ears a checkup you’re the youngest member here so you’re hearing should be the most superb hearing

Signing off,
Concerned members of geekstrux

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