Ms Heather be coming around the corner so be prepared~~

Ms Heather has a habit of scaring us– whether bursting into the room with a loud sudden ‘bang’ without notice or creeping behind us while we are on the way back to the studio from lunch/dinner and obviously we will react in a /certain way/. How? Well it’s pretty funny

Unarguably Harinika has the most comedic reactions. She is the most most most easily scared and can be seen rolling on the floor just after a scare, yikes.


^nika after a scare… rollin’ in the….

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Wan Ting runs back to her seat when Ms Heather enters to scare us, to act “normal” but what’s funny it’s how she runs. Does anyone recall how sometimes spongebob  does these big exaggerated walks? Yeah she runs like that haha…


^how she runs haha 

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Maelynn and Chloe, they’re … pretty chill … normal people doing their work….

But Ms Heather if you’re reading this, we love you haha ! (so sweet right!)

Geeking off,

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