Promises + day 11!

As Ms Heather once said and said again today, “Girls, this can be included in your blog post.”

We decided to write all of them down and diligently posted the blog posts. Somehow it all appeared at the same time today. We promise to be hardworking and write daily from this day onwards. (soon to be broken)

Today marks the start of our final week of production. One of our members, Chloe, ‘sadly‘, is unable to make it for the next 4 days, as she is going to Taiwan. We spotted Chloe’s family eating at KouFu.
Fun fact: Do you know that Chloe’s family are lookalikes? It is therefore very easy to spot them.


For production today, Nika was tasked to create fires for one of our scenes. It somehow looks cute (It is totally not suppose to) and we have no idea why.



On the other hand, Wan Ting was told to resize the helicopter to the maximum. Ms Heather warned her that it may crash CrazyTalk Animater 3 (the software we use to animate). However, it crashed the whole computer when she was trying to save it. T_T (I’m like TT, just like TT)



^must be how wan ting looked like

Nika and Maelynn once again, was scared by our dearest instructor Ms Heather and this time…. they almost sweared. Wanting  (geddit) to get revenge, they attempted to scare Ms Heather but unsurprisingly, failed horribly.

Geeking away in our truck,

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