spiderman came to our tent!

To start this of we need to establish how messy our desks are.

1) Chloe brings 1/ 2 packs of tissues
each day and never touches them
(Mainly cause we always leave late so she tends to forget these stuff coughs)
So imagine with 1 week and 4 days into the production week, that’s like 10 packs of tissues lying around yikes

2) Treats from other teams
WE SUPER APPRECIATE THESE but we usually can’t snack and eat and the same time so they are left to pile at Chloe’s desk (nearest to the hole to the outside world) only when we take a small break (when Ms Heather isn’t here hehe) and look at these then we start to carefully tear a packet of Wang Wang (not before think creatively how to separate them nicely into 6 pieces – when nika wasn’t around) so Maelynn with her fencing skills karate chopped them with Chloe’s ruler into more like 60 pieces so she gave up and Chloe and Wan Ting being super considerate had to crouch over the dustbin to eat it while we were happily eating… WHY ARE YOU GIRLS….. Ms Heather bursts into the tent capturing a super weird but candid moment that actually and sadly describes what our team is.

3)mountains of post-it notes
Chloe (again) never clears her post-it notes for the fear of throwing something important away is real.

So we see how messy Chloe’s desk is but these stuff spills over to maelynn’s desk so it isnt that messy as it seems although it is.


^well technically not only Chloe’s desk has a mountain of post its look at wan ting’s table!!

But a few days ago while we were happily do our work a big spider came out of no where and it had these pincers that kept moving.

Well it was entertaining per say seeing Maelynn shriek and Ms Heather trying to catch the jumping spider for a while.

But the main thing is Chloe finally cleared her desk yay (clap for her!) – she is also the so called ocd person but yeah not really thank guys

Geeking off,

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