Week 3 already?

Its the start of week 3, and we’re all feeling pumped! Our greatest motivation is that all of us are doing well, before schedule!

Although it may seem like a good thing, we were honestly very afraid. We asked ourselves questions like: ” Are we missing out something, that’s why we are so fast?” or ” since we finished quickly, does that mean that our work quality will be quite low?” Thankfully, we only had a few minor tweaks here and there to do, otherwise, we are still pretty on track!

Amelia also made cheesecake today for us to try, and it was aju nice!

Speaking of minor tweaks, Miss Yinghui spotted a mistake in Chris’s animation : the man’s mouth twitched while walking 😦 So she had to re-do that part.

Wan freaked out when the animation wasn’t playing and things were not moving. Then she realised that she opened the wrong file.

Michelle had to re-draw her scene to make the path straight

Ame had to re-render her animation as it was in the wrong size and format. Thankfully within a few clicks, it was fixed!

So far, things are going unexpectedly well, and we hope to keep this good streak till the end of production!



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