Week Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week Two Recap!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week Two is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One more week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well with the start of the week, it served as a beginning to our UNO
Did you know……
You can do so many things with UNO, like,

– Play UNO (duh)
– Play Stress
– Play dominos
– Make a tower of cards

It’s a Rock Fact!!!!


On Tuesday Donut Michelle broke her first lamp. Then she broke another one
Friday. The start of her lamp breaking adventures.

Thankfully we had Donut Ilyzah who fixed it back for us.


Well on Wednesday Donut Wai Sheen was not able to make it.
She fell sick.
But ‘do nut’ worry,
she’s alright.
But she did miss the cake cutting ceremony that was held for all the
November and December babies.
There was cake, a caramel dripping cake.
Everyone sang Happy Birthday and ate cake,
but poor Wai Sheen she missed out.

Then she came back on Thursday,
she did her work in the morning,
and after lunch she came back,
to find her computer crashed.

Saddest of all she did not save her work.
So, she had to do the work again. Boo Hoo!

But ‘do nut’ worry again, it was only 2 hours of work and she finished.
We are all back on track again.

Also on Thursday Donut Michelle bought cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baumkuchen Cheese Cake.
We cut it and ate it.
It was a good cake.


Finally on Friday we realised that global warming is real and doughnuts
may die so we started recycling for the Save The Donuts/Doughnuts campaign.

Rubbish 1.jpgRubbish 2.jpg

PS. The note on the picture states:
Please Throw Rubbish In Me.
I Love Rubbish.
I Will Eat Whatever You Give Me
– D & D Inc Dustbin

Also on Friday Donut Raksha learnt how to use a chopstick. Well she still
can’t use it yet but she is the process of learning. She picked up an
eraser with two pencils.

What can we say,
It’s a start.

So that was basically what our Week Two was like.
In terms of animation, we are glad to say we are on track,
We only stayed back twice last week
And managed to finish everything we are supposed to finish.

Anyways we have to end now,

do remember to follow us and like us on

Instagram:@doughnutsndonuts, Twitter:@doughnutsndonuts and Facebook:@ilyzaherffian


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