The Nightmare before Open House – PassionFruit🍓

Hello hello! It’s your favourite passionfruits back again with another post! Week 3 has started and boy is it already tiring 😩 with final touch ups, the Dreaded NSF guy, and computers crashing every five minutes!!! Poor Pamela, and her computer (rip her work)

But there was a slight solace in the fact that Mr Nova bought us ice cream! 😲😲 Isn’t he such a great trainer? (cough cough) but anyways, here’s a disorganized picture of our ice creams!

But after our wonderful treat, we had to get back to WORK which consisted again of multiple editing and redoing. After some timex we kinda got sidetracked and began watching Pingu (IT’S A STOPMOTION ANIMATION LIKE WHAT) and searched up our childhood tv shows. Mr Nova introduced us to Nightmare Before Christmas, another amazing stopmotion (so you can probably guess what inspired our title). But as our energy dissipated over time, we resorted (again) to doodles and doodles and more doodles

Mabel actually created a character called Pochu together with side characters. Unfortunately, being horrendously forgetful, she forgot to take a picture of them so we’ll probably upload a separate blogpost full of our doodles tomorrow;)

(Picture added in later HAHA) 

Speaking of tomorrow, it is the NEmation Open House! We are going to be so tired and busy tomorrow, but hey, at least that means we will have something to write about for tomorrow’s post.

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And as the day comes to an end, we will end off here. Tomorrow will be an interesting day, so get ready! Good night, and see you all soon! 🍅🍉🍊🍎🍓

Picture of the day:

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