Open House Mania – Passionfruit🍓

Forgive us if this post is short, it’s been so goddamn tiring (writer of this post woke up with a headache today so yeah 😥) but on a happy note, we’re back and super happy from today’s event! As you can probably tell, it’s the NEmation Open House today, and it was super packed with activities and people.
The wonderful day started not so wonderfully though, when poor Maybelle accidentally saved a scene onto a wrong file, erasing an entire scene

Thankfully, we have our ** wonderful ** instructor Mr Nova who helped us redo the scene quickly in ten minutes so let’s give a big hand to Mr Nova, our saviour 👏👏👏 (btw, Maybelle apologizes profusely😓 to Mr Nova and Pamela who are most likely reading this)

After the traumatizing incident, we quickly got back to work, only to be torn away by giving our elevator pitch to crowds of visitors, filming videos, answering questions; which caused us to feel awkward and nervous after the end of every event.

But then our vice principal, Mr Chua, and teacher-in-charge, Miss Yew, came to visit us! They were really supportive and gave us tips on how to get votes in the future so ehehe 😏😏

Afterwards, even more friends came! (Wow we have friends:0) Xin Yu, Nadhirah and Tricia – our juniors – came to support us, along with Miss Ang, our teacher! She supported us too, along with the tiny cupcakes she got for us:DD

Some of our parents came along too, and together, we introduced our animation and showed them what we had done for the past two weeks. It was tiring and nervewrecking to repeat the same presentation over and over, but it was worth it. Many people said our animation was meaningful so yippee!!🎉🎉

And as our day came to an end, we reminisce our days spent together in our cooped up tent, only to have Mr Nova tell us why we sit in our table arrangement (two tables facing one another, with Mr Nova’s table squashed in the middle). The reason was for us to be able to look at one another and as such, bond deeper with one another:)) aw how sweet!

Well, the day is coming to an end, so here is the end of our post. It was really fun and tiring and exciting, seeing so many visitors and interviewers going around and having mikes shoved in front of our faces. And at the end of the day, we’re sure all of us remember how far we’ve come and where we are today.

And after that very deep quote, remember to follow our instagram and twitter, and we hope you’ll look forward to tomorrow’s blogpost. Goodnight everyone! 🍅🍉🍊🍎🍓

Picture of the day:

P.S. Our umbrella was our original idea that brought us here so it’s a VERY important icon for us😉 

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