today pearlyn underwent surgery?!!!???!!?!

hey guys!! today marks THREE MORE DAYS TILL THE END OF PRODUCTION!! we’re still trying to perfect our video and we’re super excited for u guys to see our final product!!

also pearlyn wasn’t present today bc she had a minor surgery… get well soon pearlyn.. ā¤

anyways we started off the day filming (as usual) and for a change and also for a healthy diet, instead of buying koufu food, we ate cup noodles! throughout the day we also ate cheese balls using chopsticks bc that was what mr ariel told us to do…


today’s filming went pretty well!!!! welp better than usual! the camera didnt shift today so all’s well!!! we had to redo a scene for like 5 times and tmr we still have to reshoot it because the paper moved :,) but its okay!!! at least now we got like arnd 70% or so of the video done!

also today was open house and it was super fun bc we got to share our story with lots of people! later that evening our families and friends came and we finally got to show them what we have been working so hard on for the past weeks! it was super cool!!

well folks that’s the end of today’s blog post!! jolene won’t be here for the rest of production bc she’ll be in korea looking at all her oppas!! bye jolene!! SAFE FLIGHT!!!!

also remember to follow our instagramĀ @im.possibroĀ and our twitterĀ @_impossibro!! thanku for ur support!


until next time! ā¤

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  1. How is cup noodle healthier?!?!


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