Finding your Sanity 101

Tired and sleepy. That’s what we’re all feeling right now.

After the open house held here at the NEmation studio yesterday, what else could anyone feel?

Nonetheless, it was an eye-opening experience for us if not a bit (pun intended) *cough* a lot *cough* scary. Amongst the three groups of people that visited us yesterday were reporters and judges, our school teachers and principals and the last batch being our family and friends.

For the first time in forever (*insert Frozen song*), we had to present our story ideas and parts of our animation clip to people that were not only going to judge us, but also help us in the voting phase (so please, to whoever is reading this, please support us!!).

Since the crowds we had to face were different, we had to learn to atone to their professionalism standards too. For example, the script we had prepared was very informal and hence, we had to tweak it here and there on the day itself to make it more formal and to satisfy the needs of the batches of reporters and school representatives, but yet keep to our team’s personality.

Nevertheless, Finding Sanity is proud to announce that we have survived yesterday’s apocalypse and even gained fellow Finding Hakyeon in the Dark fans!!:):) (please refer to our previous posts for more information on the sacred drink)

Even after having went through the Crowds of Horror from yesterday, we felt that the open house had really taught us many new things and most probably helped us in the promoting of our video clip too. We have learnt how to respond to the questions that are shoved into our faces by reporters and how to think on our feet, coming up with satisfactory answers for them right on the spot.

Like they say, there is no better time than the present, and hence, we will now give you a vivid description on what Finding Sanity has been up to as of today:):)

Since we are already almost done with our clip, today has been a pretty uneventful day for us (awww). We are constantly looking for something to do and have even reached the point where we are trying to sync similar videos on two different computers.


Finding Sanity will never go down without a fight with boredom!! (considering we face that in school daily and practice makes perfect) we will always find away to amuse ourselves (whether it benefits others or like most of the time..? Not…)

For instance! We went bankrupt during lunch while buying $17 worth of sushi, not including our main course. That’s right folks. $17. Because of that, we had to run up and down, between the NEmation studio and Koufu, trying to find enough vouchers to spend… today, we definitely burned more calories than we gained…  if any of you are interested in finding out who the culprit was in this whole situation, it was none other than… DRUMROLL PLEEEEAAAASE,

OUR TEAM LEADER!!! WOOHOOOO!!! *cough cough cough*

Well… at least we finished the food, right..?

And that’s all today on the Finding Sanity channel!!:):) Stay tuned for the next episode of… Finding your Sanity 101 with Finding Sanity!!!

Disclaimer: watching reading this show blog will NOT necessarily help you find you sanity. Instead, it may do just the opposite… WATCH READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Viewer discretion is advised for the following audien- ok we’re too lazy to continue. Use your imagination folks.

That’s all for today then:) Finding Sanity, off to find our sanity!! Byeeeeeee



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