jolene left us……

hello folks!! today jolene left us 😦 because she’s going to korea!! anyway! mr ariel was limping today because he sprained his ankle… gws mr ariel! afterwards he bought a pair of crutches from carousell for $6! good deal! also today we ordered 4 boxes of pizza! don’t worry we shared it with dinosoAR and mr ariel! we r healthy children!!

today we started off filming as usual! but good news~ we are kind of done with our video 😀 bUT tomorrow we still have to figure out a way to film the cut scene of the total defence logo! we do have some ideas currently but we are not sure yet so tomorrow we would try to create multiple versions and then decide afterwards!


^ we taped the empty spray mount cans together so that mr ariel’s movements would be smoother (for a certain segment of the vid ;-))

we had some time left after filming the actual video, so we made a spoof!! we photoshopped our faces onto the end frames and renee wore mr ariel’s scammer ring when she was tearing the paper apart! megan stood out in the photo because we kinda whitewashed her using photoshop! we would probably upload a part of the spoof only after the actual video is released (if we can ://)



^ this is the original photo!! but later renee photoshopped it to make it better:-)

it was a busy day as usual and of course rly tiring!! maybe extra tiring for pearly bc she has difficulty walking:( gws too perlyn~ anywaY do continue to support us! do follow our instagram @im.possibro and our twitter @_impossibro! thank you ❤

until next time!



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jolene pearlyn megan renee do vote for us for nemation 11! #NE11C07
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