More about us!

hey guysss!

Our first post was extremely formal (Maelynn had a misconception of the tone lol) and we didn’t manage to go into that much detail about ourselves, so we’ve decided to make up for it in this post!!

If you must know, our team is made out of 3/4 hard core K-Pop (Maelynn,nika,wan ting), and that one lonely soul a somewhat otaku with not much time to watch anime cause school, just school (Chloe). (pstt WHO WATCHES ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM) *cough* I shall stop here else the rest would kill me BUT can you imagine?! Everything the rest of the team ever talks about is literally k-pop, and to the extent the rest of the sec 2’16 computer club (hi guys if you’re reading this) so during cca Chloe’s just like kill me now plz.

Apart that everyone here has 2 siblings, apart from our Wan Ting who is an only child.

Wan Ting is also our MVM (most valued member) extremely talented and a total genius. But she’s also rather lazy, and that’s not fair since she’s still so smart (whyyy)

Maelynn is also smart and hardworking at times with schoolwork. But when it comes to computer stuff, welllll it takes some time like for example this competition we had at the start of the year , and had to create a motif, here’s what she came up with:

^maelynns masterpiece
You get the idea (sorry mae)

Nika is the aedes mosquito, loves everything with stripes. She likes to whistle (but can’t), and is scared easily. (Read the other posts!)


^when we went for an event thing during the June holidays which was when we celebrated her birthday as well look- k-pop and stripes (with stripes??)

Lastly Chloe is like super bad at math (who else is? :DD) and the shortest, weird person in a group (ya know what I mean)

That’s all let us know in the comments if you have anymore questions!

Geeking off,

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