Open house!!

Today was open house day! We were extremely nervous when we were pitching our ideas to the visitors, teachers and our parents. It was a very interesting experience after all as we get to share with our parents what we were doing the past 2 weeks.



^so many people!
As of today, we are behind schedule. Our scenes have much content in it, thus, we have a lot to watch out for and refine while animating. The huge file sizes also caused our computers to lag and the software to crash. I’m sure that for the remaining days we would have to overtime, like always.



^throwback to how we OTed till 9 on the first day

But of course, it wouldn’t be a day without some interesting and weird things in Geekstrux’s lives! Today, strangely everyone started doing tricks, and when I say tricks it means doing hardcore stunts! Our opposite neighbour started trying to clap with their feet in midair, and of course there were heavy stomping. And our dear instructor, Ms Heather, did a cartwheel! Followed by a fellow Top 10 member! (The only male participant) Another instructor also did a handstand and….he walked with his hands!😱

Us being the great audience, had to take the front row. And I must say, Ms Heather does look like a Crescentian, wearing that bright yellow shirt with blue jeans! Hey, crescent pride!


^its our 60th birthday!


Lastly, to our dear teammate Chloe,
Please name your files properly and save your work in the drive. We had a hard time finding it. And as Nika says, sitting *is not* standing. Thank you and have a great time at Taiwan!

Your geeky teammates

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