Summary of first week

Hey everyone,

Dinosoar is back!!!!! We have succesfully survived the first week of production!! We are still in the process of  producting our video for you guys and cant wait for you guys to see it.

During the first week, we had to go through thick and thin as problems start to arise and solutions seem to be missing. But as a team, we faced them and made it! We have lost a very great instructor as he had to go back to studying. Though it was hard for us to say goodbye to him,  we had to move on…:(. However, we have an instructor whose not really in charge of us so we just have to adapt to it and standby each of our 4 backs.

So please give us encouragement to go on to make the most awesomest video for all of you. We will appreciate it so much. We still have 2 weeks left for production, and we hope that we can survive and make our video better everyday.

Thats all for now but do expect the most awesomest video you have ever seen!                          Dinosoar out.


Iqmal ;))

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