We’ve got to work, work, work things out!

Alo-hah, people 🙂

It’s almost the end of Week 2 of our production. Time flies fast huh. 

This week, we got to know team impossibro from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School. They are so fun and easy to get along with. From singing songs across tents to having a mini photoshot, we totally had fun bonding together.

The production is not easy for both our teams, probably same goes with the others. Team Finding Sanity used to be very cheerful and great us whenever we pass by their tent but everyone seems to be having their eyes glued to their computer screens and tablets. We really hope that things will work out and we will be able to share with everyone our product with no regrets. 

Wanna find out what’s going on ? Checkout the video we’ve made in our facebook page @dinosoar.krss.official 

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Till next time amigos!

-Putri , Dinosoar 🙂

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