WTUT. Riddle of the day: figure out what it means

Monday was pretty normal, nothing out of the usual, we refined our animation and played UNO. Just to say Donut Raksha kept beating Donut Ilyzah and Donut Wai sheen at UNO. Donut Wai Sheen downloaded Heads Up on her phone, so we played charades too that day. We got so excited and were pretty much shouting. So sorry to the other groups who could hear us yelling and thanks for putting up with us. Also, at the end of the day Ilyzah and Wai Sheen had a bottle flip competition where both of them tied at the point of Five. None won, none lost. All is good.

Monday might have been normal but Tuesday though, Tuesday was Open House.
Dun Dun Dun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Presenting in front of strangers is scary!
Much less to say, we were all pretty nervous.

We started off that day by getting to know Ilyzah’s soccer ball and Wai Sheen’s god knows what. We could not figure out what it was! Some people said it was a marshmallow, other said it looked like mochi and some even said it looked like a bao. Well Donut Wai Sheen said it looked like a marshmallow. So, whatever flows in your boat Wai Sheen, whatever flows in your boat. Donut Ilyzah even brought a pyramid rubik’s cube, that none of us except for her could solve. We all can only do the normal one, the cube rubik’s cube, because we are normal people. Ilyzah, you weird af alien, doing an alien rubik’s pyramid.


Well those toys definitely were a big hit. Wai Sheen’s god knows what is loved by everybody, Cedar 3 even took it from us to take pictures with it, it became famouser (we know that is not a word) than us! Ilyzah’s pyramid rubik’s thingy sparked curiosity as many people tried to finish it, but failed, only Ilyzah could do it! Maybe she put a spell on the pyramid rubik’s thingy. OMG, Ilyzah could be an alien witch donut, stay away everyone, stay away. Well as for Ilyzah’s soccer ball we used it to play soccer/volleyball/throw and catch at the front of the production, right where everyone could see us. We made a fool out of ourselves.

rubix pyramid thingy.jpg

Then we decorated Mr Yi Hua’s table to make it look presentable.


Two’O’Clock came by, some people from Cyberpioneer, Mindef came to interview us. Our first ever interview. They asked us a few questions and left. But that was nothing compared to what we were going to face next.

Three’O’Clock rolled by, the partners and sponsors of N.E.mation were the first to come to the open house. Mr Ellery and Mr Joshua brought them across all the various different tents, and each team presented on their story ideas. We were terrified but luckily we made through it.

Five’O’Clock passed by, the principals and teachers from different schools came by. Unfortunately, no one from our school came. But this did help us relax a bit more as we would not be making a fool out of ourselves in front of people from our school. We then presented our story again to the principal and teachers from other schools.

Seven’O’Clock ticked by, our families were here. Donut Ilyzah’s and Donut Raksha’s entire family were here. There were six people for Ilyzah and four for Raksha. Then Donut Wai Sheen’s family was also there. However, Donut Michelle’s family could not make it as her father was sick. We Hope You Get Well Soon Mr. Chia. Our families came by our tent and we explained our story to them, but it was more informal and relaxed. We got to know each other’s family. Our families also got to know more about the N.E.mation competition.


We also got free buffet that day.

The  day finally ended and Wednesday came.

Also like we do updates on food we decided to do an update on the lamps in our tent as we seem to be breaking a lot of lamps.

Lamp Update
We broke another lamp for the third time, this time it wasn’t our fault one of the photographers decided to use the lamps for lighting and broke it on Tuesday, Luckily we had Donut Ilyzah who fixed it again for the third time.

Wednesday morning we were told our animation was not good enough and that we had to redo some parts of it. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donut Raksha had to redraw the water for the 6th time. She was so angry, she started the water on 23rd November and was doing it ever since.


Donut Wai Sheen in the meantime was doing a cursed man that Donut Raksha had previously attempted. When Donut Raksha failed Donut Wai Sheen took it upon her self to fix the man. The cursed man was supposed to be waving but that idiot could not wave.

Donut Michelle had to fix her main character because that was the main problem. (get it get it, never mind)

Donut Ilyzah was just helping everyone fix their problems.

So the four donuts stayed back that day.

That was when Donut Raksha realised she wanted to eat ice kachang for dinner. Dumb idea, we know, but she is a dumb person. So when Ms. Heather, one of the instructors, saw Raksha eating ice kachang for dinner, she tried to confiscate the ice kachang and make Raksha eat fruits. But Raksha managed to dodge Ms. Heather and happily finished her ice kachang for dinner.

Then Donut Raksha, Donut Wai Sheen and Donut Ilyzah saw some interesting things at the production; the ab roller, two scooters and a trolley. Donut Raksha and Donut Wai Sheen wanted Donut Ilyzah to do the ab roller, as she had done it before and even did ten ab rolls. Then Donut Wai Sheen wanted to ride one of the scooters while Donut Raksha wanted someone to push her on the trolley. Unfortunately none of the wishes came true.

trolleyscooter 2.jpg



Finally after dinner, the four Donuts went back to do their work. But Donut Ilyzah and Donut Raksha had finished their work early and had started drawing on the computer. Donut Ilyzah had made a man and a half finished white tiger while Donut Raksha made a flower.



Also once everyone finished the four donuts did some tongue twisters and riddles.

Can You Say This Really Fast?
How Many Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood?

Finally Thursday came,

We supposedly had a lot of work to do but Donut Wai Sheen, Donut Ilyzah and Donut Raksha were not doing anything from morning . Donut Ilyzah drew Moana, which Mr Yi Hua turned into a pirate-samurai. Sadly Donut Ilyzah turned it back into Moana.



moana sketcj.jpg




Donut Wai Sheen and Donut Raksha were just goofing around and were writing answers for the radio interview and doing this blog and finishing the cheese Lexus at the pantry.


Donut Michelle was the only one doing actual work on the main character.

Also Donut Wai Sheen, Donut Ilyzah and Donut Raksha decided to throw paper airplanes at cedar3, thank god they are nice people and did not scold us.

Lamp Update #2

The lamp on Mr Yi Hua’s table, the one that has been broke twice is hibernating because of the cold weather. P.S. It was very cold at the production, everyone was freezing, especially Donut Raksha who did not have her jacket.


Then we watched team [Blank Space] packing to move out of Antarctica (the production tent’s nickname), while we are still stranded here. So Sad!!!!!!!!!!

Donut Michelle also angrily threw a pencil across the tent as she was agitated and was having a hard time fixing the scenes and the movement of the main character.

The annoying cursed man was still haunting Wai Sheen, if you see a weird man waving in our clip it is him, the cursed man. Beware, he haunts people. He is also called pokemon man, find out why by watching our clip and voting for it.

Then lunch came, Donut Raksha bought ice kachang again. she is never going to change her dumb ways. singing *dumb ways to die……… so many dumb ways to die……………….*

Then we decided to goof around with cedar 3 using the ab roller and the frisbee and Donut Wai Sheen and Donut Raksha were fighting to get the frisbee. We also saw some of the instructors using the ab roller and doing planks.

Also Donut Wai Sheen coincidently spotted the time being 1:23 on Donut Ilyzah’s phone.

After that it was a pretty normal day, nothing interesting.

Also, you guys might have noticed that Donut Michelle has not been present in many of our adventures. She has been working harder that anyone of us, so jia you to her and only one more day to go, you can do it.

Also, did anyone of you find out what WTUT means? Well it means WEEK THREE UNTIL THURSDAY.

Anyways we have to end now, we’ll write soon, actually like tomorrow.

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