oh my gawddd..super duper sorry for not updating our blog. We’ll try to blog as  much as we can . The main reason we didnt blog was that we live quite far from Nanyang Poly. Most of us lives at clementi ( yes the green line) .By the time we reach home, we probably  will be a zombie wanting for food and sleep. heheh. We are just gonna recap the whole 2 weeks in this blog here. Enjoy reading the things that u guys have missed out because we didnt post.ooopsss. sorry XD.

1st week of production.

So what happened in 1st weeks was casually okay. We begin with our first task colourblocking. yayaya colourblocking easy psh. if u think it was easy you are wronggggg. Imagine doing 300 frames individually and like erghh whyyyyyy :_;. So we spent our 1st week doing that. Did u guys know that Mario appeared in out production? Go to our insta @dinosoarzz to know what are we up to . After 1 week of production, Our instructor said goodbye to us :(. We made him a homemade gift box and we can tell he was shy when he opened the gift. awwwww. Anyways, that sums up our first week.

2nd week of production.

First few days, we were quiet as we didnt have our instructor, we just do our own work. We have to share our instructor with team impossibro , we didnt mind. Our production begin to shake as we are behind schedule. One of the days, we had a little mini photoshoot in our tent with team impossibro and we had a little session where we together with team impossibro sing . We are getting closer to team impossibro ! New friends. We would also want to be friends with other teams too! we just need to have the right time to do so. Making new friends and having little fun is good but we need to always focus on our production! On saturday , we need to come back to work on our production. After lunch, we decided to destress ourselves by playing ultimate disc! Team impossibro , Mr El, Ms Heather and Mr Yihua joined us too! We spent about 30 minutes playing . After that we went back to work. So that sums up our 2nd week of production!

So thats what happened for the 2 weeks of production. We’ll try to blog everyday from tomorrow onwards ! Do continue supporting us! Follow our instagram @dinosoarzz. Our production is about 40-50% done. Lets press through this last week! Good luck to all teams!!


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