T-MINUS 3 DAYS – passionfruit 🍓

We’re honestly surprised you aren’t sick of our daily posts yet, but HELLO it is the passionfruits again! Back from another day of – you guessed it – animating!
The day started horribly with yours truly (Mabel) waking up with a headache and at 8+ so she made everyone late by like twenty five minutes as she blasted out of the house.

After arriving slightly late, we started work! Editing, animating, rendering, it was an endless cycle which caused many of us to nearly die. BUT the most amazing thing that happened today was that Maybelle’s NSF guy scene was finally completed!! We all nearly died on the spot when it was done:’))

Afterwards, our animation was like 85% done and we did not have much to do, so we turn our attention to…Pingu! A cute, old school, stopmotion animation about a penguin named Pingu and his misadventures, and we all fell in love with him.

And the animation was amazing too, as everything was stopmotion and clay figurines. It was really cute and inspiring, what a wonderful combination (also an excuse to use so that we won’t look like we’re slacking)

But the doodles returned again, and this time, traditionally too. Here’s a sample of some:

When the day darkened and turned to night, we found out that it was Ms Kesia’s birthday!! Woohoo!! 🎂🎂 We gave her some chocolate eclairs, only to realise that 1. It was disgusting and 2. She…didn’t like it /that/ much. We felt so bad ahhhh but yeah, we hope that she has a very happy birthday!!

Just before we left, we spotted Mr Nova and Mr Xavier trying out those abs thing??? We weren’t sure what was going on, but seeing them fall on their faces was hilarious anyways😂😂

Tonight, with the euphoria of the day fading, we are feeling the end of the nemation journey just around the corner. We can already feel the tears in our eyes, as our production ends:(( but let’s end off with a happy note for today, okay? Our instagram and twitter are always uploading funny pictures and videos, and let’s end this day with a picture of Pingu again, alright? See you in the next post, have a good night!

Picture of the day:

^That’s passionfruits carrying an umbrella😉 

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