we r done!!?!?!?

heLLo guys! we are finally done with our video 😀 today all we had to do was film like the total defence logo scene and we found out today that we actually have a partner??? and our partner is SGSecure! so aLL is wellLLL WE ARE officially done with what we have to do :-)!!! also today the lighting was wAAYYY different like yesterday’s was like a lil bright but today it was reaLLY DARK and kinda greyish 😦 we asked mr joshua about it and he said the post production guy would fix it for us so all’s good 😀

alsO tomorrow is the last day of production,,, 😥 we’ll prolly be emo as heck???? what if renee breaks down AGAIN :—-( sIKE anyway! we realised we have quite a lot of koufu vouchers left over today so we had like 2 meals?? or 3?? in the morning renee bought siewmai for megn and perlyn bc mgn was lazy to walk down and pearly is injured! so being the nice person she is she sacrificed herself and walked the distance for them! for lunch we had like kebab with rice at like 11.40am tHEN around 4 hours later we bought kebab rolls :’) we bought one for mr ariel too! also he is alive and kicking!!! thank goodness it was just a sprain and not anything major!


^ megn and pearlyn had pulut hitam for dessert smh,,

afterwards we watched like two movies we had a great time!! according to mr ariel tomorrow they will like tear down the things that we put up in our tent 😦 our obama picture our team picture,,, evERYTHING 😦 time flies so fast its unbelievable;; we really don’t want production to end  :’) AHHHH expect a rly emotional blogpost soon?? :-/

anyWAy do support us by following us on our instagram @im.possibro and our twitter @_impossibro ! thanku ❤



until next time!




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jolene pearlyn megan renee do vote for us for nemation 11! #NE11C07
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