hellooo everybloody! just weeks ago, all 4 of us made our way down to nyp rather clueless on how things were going to turn out. after 3 gruesome weeks of hardcore animating, i’m pretty sure we all feel very much excited and confident for our animation clip.

side note: on the day we wrote this blog, it was ms kesia’s birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS KESIA (madeit’s instructor) SORRY FOR BEING SO NOISY ALL THE TIME, WE’LL TRY TO BE QUIETER THE NEXT FEW DAYS. DON’T WORRY WE’LL BE GONE BY NEXT WEEK HAHA 🙂


happy birthday ms kesia :))) taken from madeit’s instagram page haha ( http://www.instagram.com/_madeit_ )


anyway, come to think about it, all we’ve done in these few blogs was to talk about our animating process, butttttt we didnt even talk about our storyline :<

to make things easier, we’ve decided to summarise our story for you guys, so that you can get a better understanding of it!!!! (unless you’ve already been to our open house, then again we thank you alot for taking your time to visit our tent aka the crime scene because of all the blood)

so, our animation revolves around the singaporean blood that we all share, which binds us together, uniting us as one singapore. we feel that each and every singaporean can do their part to keep singapore strong by sparing just minutes to donate blood. to showcase the importance of donating blood, we are using both digital 2D animation and real life action to create the video.


the props used for our life action!!! (ignore kaila’s face HAHAHA)


*HINT HINT THE BEST PART OF OUR VIDEO’S GOING TO BE THE LIFE ACTION BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE REALLY COOL AND UNIQUE IN TERMS OF HOW WE DRAW IT OUTTTT!!!* be sure to check it out when the animation clip comes out next year!! (it may be quite a long wait but it’s really going to be worth it)




now that you’ve gotten a rough idea of our story, let’s go back to what we’ve learnt during this 3 weeks production. We’ll definitely these 3 weeks were very exhausting and life-draining, but we’ve learnt alot of things and skills one would never have the opportunity to do on a daily basis (sidenote: join ne12 the experience is really good).


us every single night


most importantly, we’ve learnt to become more patient. partly because our animating programme *animate cc ahem* often hangs and lags and glitches and dies on us (some pop-ups literally says “unknown error occurred, quitting application”). we’ve learn to calm ourselves down whenever these sort of things happen and we learn to take things slow (not too slow though) because we must always B+!!!

perseverance is also king!! things may take an unexpected turn during our animating process (eg we need to redo everything) but we musn’t give up!! even though the deadline is only a few days away and it seems like it may be impossible to finish, we’ll always push through!!!

we’ve indeed learnt so much through this production process and it could go on and on and on but we’ll stop for now. don’t worry, there will be more blog posts to come!!!! so do stay tuned for more sneak peeks of our animation, we will be posting more of our animation bit by bit to keep everyone in anticipation. how kind of us teehee 😀 also get quick and funny updates from our social media accounts (it’s really funny i swear)

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<3, cedar3 (even the heart has a 3)


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