An End ❀ – Passionfruit πŸ“

Hi everyone! As you can probably tell, it is the last day of production, and everyone is really tired and sad:(
But before the end of everything, the day carried on as normal, with final edits and rendering for our animation. Everything was fine and normal, until disaster struck. A virus was detected and everyone succumbed into chaos!

There was worried silence for minutes, as Mr Nova worked hard to salvage our work, and the four of us stared on nervously, our teeth were literally chattering.

The problem was finally solved towards lunchtime, where we started to get excited; for the suprise we have been planning for a WEEK. A WEEK:00

That’s right, we had planned a challenging treasure hunt for our dear instructor Mr Nova! Remember the guy in grey jacket in the previous post? Yep! That’s Mr Nova! 


During lunch time, we rAN dOWN to Foodgle(Which we had LOTs of trouble finding yesterday) and bought his favourite chicken snack (directions and recommendations provided by Mr Xavier ✨ and was like sneaking around looking like this

As Operation Honey Honey was in progress, we stopped by for a picture! 

It was nerve wrecking as heck, but thankfully Mr Nova didn’t see anything 😜 Operation Honey Honey, success! 

 We innocently ate lunch with him while working on final adjustments behind his back, before THE TREASURE HUNT BEGAN. 

Mr Nova had to stumble around cluelessly, deciphering codes and pleading teams to let him have his next clue. The four of us just stayed in our tent working, occasionally peeking out to laugh at him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Finally, after a long search, Mr Nova found all his gifts! His chicken snack, a bottle of green tea, Japanese chocolate, a Pokemon drawing (courtesy of Mabel) and a scrapbook containing all our pictures:’)

He was super awkward afterwards, babbling about why we tortured him and stuff, but we knew he liked our gifts 😏😏 but in all seriousness, Mr Nova deserves much more for being an awesome instructor ❀❀

We continued work tiredly, occasionally chatting about feathered dinosaurs and pokemon, when time flew past and it was time for our very last debrief.

It was so sad!!!! We were on the edge of tears as we applauded all the teams and instructors, BUT of course, Mr Nova would nominate usπŸ˜’πŸ˜’like Mr NovaaaAaaAaa whyyyyy (thank you though πŸ’“)

It was really bittersweet, and we were really going to cry, but then it was time for games!! We finally were allowed to enter the forbidden instructor’s area, and found party poppers and sparkling juice awaiting us!

Literally everyone got at least one popper (some madmen had three) and each team had a bottle of sparkling juice. As you can guess, the next ten minutes was filled with ear splitting explosions and screams of shock.

But that was just the ~ beginning ~. The games afterwards were really tiring and fun and we were literally breathless by the end of every game (the sight of Mr Ellery flying around like a Lotion Fairy during the Henry Game was hilarious though)

As the night almost ends, the lights dim and a dance battle commenced! Mabel went up for round 1 and somehow got like 400 000+ points?? But! She did had like Chinese dance experience πŸ‘πŸ» 

Pamela was up for round 2 and looked so awesome dancing her butt off✨✨

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and as we got onto our knees and gather up the streamers and confetti, the sadness of the day weighed in on us.

We learnt so much from this, and we made new friends. We’ll miss them all dearly, and we hope to see you guys again during radio interviews and the picnic:)

And as the day ends, so does our animation production, but the competition isn’t over yet! Follow our instagram and twitter to take note of the voting period, and for the last time for this week: Goodnight and see you! Passionfruit, away! πŸ…πŸ‰πŸŠπŸŽπŸ“

Picture of the day:

Written by Pamela and featuring Pochu crying, a fictional character created by Mabel:) 

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  1. Victoriaaa says:

    sounds like y’all had fun!!


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