Last friday night party!!

Hiii guys . This is probably the last blog 😦 ik we didnt post as much blog as other teams , so sorry . We wouldnt want to miss this opportunity to blog our partyyyyy . So , lets begin! As u guys know , putri went to overseas on last Wednesday . She didnt join us for this party 😦 

Lets talk abt production.. hmm .. we are coming back on monday ( hopefully just monday) to finish up our last scenes . Drawing 340 frames isnt easy okay ;-; we’ll be back on monday with other teams but not impossibro:( we are going to miss them alottttt . But sokay , we have a ws group ayyyyyyyyyy . So ya our video is quite close to finishing . we are actually quite happy (?) that we are coming back on monday . Why? Cuz we can meet our instructor again . After the wrap party , it felt like the whole production has ended and we felt missing inside . Just like the others said , ” During the production, you will hate this and that but after the production, you’ll miss it alot ” hais . What to do 😦 Lets not get emotional here , we wanna share abt ze wrap partayyyyyy .  So we played games , abt 5 games? Farihah wasnt into games but she still play it . Little did she know , it was fun ! We bonded , laugh around and also lose our voices . As u guys know , Team Dinosoar consist of Malay peoples. So when they give the bottle we thought there alcohol in the apple cider . When we opened it Iqmal shook the bottle ( i think) it kinda leaked HAHAH ya idk what he’s doing . So then we quickly grab a cup and filling the cups . Iqmal and Jihan was like ” water anyone? Water” and then u have Farihah just drinking the apple cider , just taking the risks .​​ The wrap partay was lit because we stayed with team impossibro. Our old instructor came to , Ryannnn !! We were like ” Why Ryan Go ( Goh Cuz his name was Ryan Goh HAHAHA ok lame ) so we were surprised and happy at the same time . My fav part of the party was the dancing session where we had a little competition but we didn’t manage to complete as we are running out of time 😦 BUT we saw Mr Eivriel , Mr Nova , Mr Andrew And other instructor dancing . It was pretty funyy . So we cheered them on !! All good things will come to an end . Team impossibro cleared their tents:( . Before leaving we took pictures tgt and said our farewells . 

Hope u guys enjoyed reading our blog . Keep on supporting us and dont forget to vote for us next year. Instagram @dinosoarzz SEE YA 

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