our last day of production…,, :(

hello folks today was the last day of production ::::::( today we had to re-film the TD logo and SGSecure logo scene because mr ariel kinda got back the original lighting!!!! but that was a piece of cake! though of course we had to align the stack of paper and the clips again :,) but other than that!!! everything was easy peasy! then we just chilled the rest of the day by watching corpse party and kdrama!

today we also had to pack up the tent… how depressing! we had to remove everything; the storyboards, moodboard, references, team photo, our obama picture, the notes we got from other teams,,, EVERYTHING 😥 it was so sad it felt as though we were leaving our home!?!??! the tent was like our second home we felt so comfortable and we did a lot of things there we cracked jokes and did so much weird stuff had so much fun and now it all came to an end :–( but welp! all good things come to an end. production was a really good and fun experience for us :’)


^ look how empty it is!!!! we even dismantled the lamps afterwards and also packed the laptops 😦

on the bright side! today was wrap party! we partied till like 10pm it was rly lit!!!! we popped confetti and we drank sparkling white grape juice or something it was rly good~ then we played some balloon popping game (side note renee got 1st for that game but honestly she doesn’t deserve it!! it was just luck!) also the teams & instructors had a dance off!!! we found out that mr ariel was a party animal he’s so wILD and also rly loud! he dances pretty well too! alSO mr ariel drew us and we looked rly cute!! (thanks mr ariel!!!)


overall its sad that production ended but we r glad it happened! (cringe) anyway we probably won’t be blogging as much?? or not at all because theres nothing to blog about anymore since its the end of production :’) however do continue to support us by following our instagram @im.possibro and our twitter @_impossibro ! thank you and have a gr8 day ahead! ❤


^ dinosoar and impossibro!! together we r dinobro! also missing team leaders putri and jolene :/

until next time! 🙂

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jolene pearlyn megan renee do vote for us for nemation 11! #NE11C07
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