Last day in production!

Time flies and it’s already the end of our 3.5 weeks production * cries* ! Although we did not complete our animation on time and had to drag it into this week, we are all super satisfied as we have put in our all to this (cause we’re all in this together~~)


^look how empty coming back:(

We definitely would miss messing around with each other, getting scared by ms Heather, and “of course”, staring at the same scene for 12 hours.


^so so annoying!

Besides that, we are also extremely thankful to be able to receive tremendous support via our social media sites from our school, family , friends and the public.

^thank you for all the follows! 

It isn’t an easy journey but we all trudge through it together, and we’re super proud.

Additionally, we also wouldn’t have made it without the help of the best instructor, ms Heather!! We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

But this isn’t the end, we still have the all important voting phase in front of us, so please do continue to support us!

Geeking off,

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