on the path to fulfilling our dream – scaring Ms Heather

Day 18: Its the last day we’re coming back here to nyp and there’s only 2 of us here, nika and Chloe who finally made her comeback debut after arriving in Singapore yesterday.



^ft bubble tea from Taipei -chloe

Well it’s a pretty slow day, everyone’s tired, but sadly we aren’t spared of the scares from ms heather (even if it isn’t on purpose). We decided, it’s payback time. *evil chuckle*


^throwback to ms Heather’s birthday!

There were many attempts but here were the more memorable ones:

1) the first attempt when we hid behind the curtain to scare her but got scared instead cause we were looking the wrong way

2) when she was playing frisbee and we decided to creep up on her but another instructor pointed us out so we got special escorting back to our tent by ms heather

3) running back from the toliet after we met at the corridor and hid behind the curtain, Chloe was laughing too much so nika lamely cracked out a small “boo” which obviously did nothing.

Well see all our fails, the opposite door instructor I bet was judging us, like when in order to get a good lookout for ms heather, Chloe lied on the carpet to get a ninja like peek. Enough said.


^even the computer was judging us…

We will comeback, we will scare ms heather, one day. Watch out ms heather mwhahaha..

Geeking off,

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