On the search for gong cha- getting chased?! (Part 1)

One morning, when Mae and Nika came early, they tried to look for Gongcha (their 2nd try). However, they couldn’t find it.


^look at these bubble teas we had a few days ago in the morning they’re glorious


The same afternoon, Ms Heather decided to bring us to Gongcha but we had only 15min to get there and return back. On our way back, Nika and Mae started running. Their reason is that if they reach the tent earlier than Ms Heather, they are considered early… (whut)

As we finally learnt our way there, Nika and Mae now constantly want to get milk tea after lunch. After chasing each other to finish their lunch, we sneaked out to get our drink.
On that fateful day, we saw the crowd splitting into 2, making way for what we feel is more scarier than the discipline mistress- Ms Heather.
Extremely paranoid, Nika and Mae ran for their lives as Wan Ting and the other students from NYP judged them.
“Turn right! Turn right!” Mae shouted to Nika before running down the stairs. Nika turned left instead to run to the open field. Eventually, we were caught and as the queue was too long, we also didn’t get our gong cha.



^run while you can


The story doesn’t end here though and hence, watch out for part 2 coming your way soon!

Geeking away with milk tea,


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