10 EVENTS HAPPENED IN ONE SINGLE DAY!?! That’s right, ONE day, TEN events. In only….ONE DAY.

heyy guyss long time no see!!!! sorry for the very very very late post!!! (we really are) This blog post will be talking about LDOPAWR!! (try guessing)

To continue where we left off in our previous blog post, we stopped at WTUT (if you dont know what it means go read our previous post!!) and now we will continue with everybody’s favorite day of the week: FRIDAY!!!!

Event 1: So the day of 9 December, 2016, Friday, started off quite peacefully in the morning where all of us were just doing our work (but mostly goofing around but hey it was the last day). BUT THEN….. we realised that two of our lamps (yes the lamps which were broken like twice) were dead. RIP lamps, thanks for serving us for the three weeks, we’ll miss you:(( *wiping tears with handkerchief*


the…they…they’re dead!! *sobs uncontrollably*

This was also a constant note to Donut Michelle in the morning: This is the last lap, one last day, you can do it. (as she was still struggling with the main character) Fun fact: we actually have a name for the main character, he’s called Pat (like the Postman Pat HAHAH)

Event 2: Just when we thought the storm was over, Mr Joshua (i THINK it was mr joshua… or was it mr ellery) suddenly made an announcement that a VIRUS had attacked the server!!!! *EMERGENCY EMERGENCY EVERYONE TAKE COVERR* At that time, all of us were being hardworking donuts and were doing our work so when we heard the news, we literally jumped up and kept reminding each other to save our work like 30483480 times. For the next half an hour (i THINK), the instructors were meeting every like 10 minutes(?) to discuss this virus and production at the whole lounge actually stopped. Then finally they came back and Mr Yihua asked us all to download ESET (some anti-virus software) and so yeah we did. (such obedient students) 


hello robotic guy. thanks for protecting our computer

Event 3: So while waiting for ESET to download and install and scan and blah blah blah, we were literally free for idk a few hours!?! (but hey we ain’t complaining). JUST THEN, Mr Xavier’s pet caterpillar, Timothy, was cacooning?!? (is that even a word? sorry we’re not good at spelling, we can’t even decide how to spell donut/doughnut). S0 everyone(us, [] and cedar3) were crowding around Mr Xavier’s table in [Blank Space]’s tent to silently watch Timothy. (it sounds super creepy but…) He was shedding his skin off and it when he dropped his skin it had the shape of his face?!? like ewwww) But congratulations Timothy on your puberty.


this, is timothy everybody

Event 4: So after that we went for lunch, and since it was the last day of production, and that Donut Raksha and Donut Wai Sheen had the habit of buying cup noodles at least once every event we came to nyp for (like since the one week selection)… they bought cup noodles!!! Donut Raksha thinks she can take REALLY spicy food so apparently she bought the spicy korean one, whereas Donut Wai Sheen was the opposite, she couldn’t take spicy food (like REALLY little), so she bought the non-spicy one. (duh) However, as both of them are nice friends, Donut Raksha and Donut Wai Sheen also accompanied Donut Ilyzah to buy kebabs for lunch, and as a result they both got kebab sandwiches as well. Feeling like that wasn’t enough, they went to get drinks, specifically iced milo, too. (MILO IS THE BEST)

Event 5: So after our “shopping” was done, we went back up to eat. We were all just eating fine when Donut Ilyzah suddenly said that cup noodles were filled with wax which makes the soup yellow in colour. Upon hearing this, Donut Wai Sheen looked at the colour of the soup and indeed it was yellow, which made her spoil her appetite. (why ilyzah, why) Fortunately, she managed to get over it and continue eating the deliciously tasting cup noodles.

Meanwhile…. Donut Raksha was struggling to eat her spicy koren noodles. (HAH RAKSHA. HAH. TOLD U U COULDNT HANDLE IT) She was saying (more like complaining) that it was so spicy, and she finished the freezing ice milo in ten minutes and half the 1.5 litre bottle of water). When Donut Wai Sheen said “told you it was super spicy”, she simply replied with “but it’s really good”. Excuses Raksha, excuses. After finishing our cup noodles, both of them ate their kebabs, and they were SO full they had to stretch their stomachs by moving up and down while sitting to make more space available. Finally, they finished their lunch.

P.S. Sorry there aren’t any pictures of our lunch because well we didn’t take any. (sorry!!)

Event 6: After that we continued doing our work (kind of). And after a few hours later, we went down to koufu again to get MORE iced milo. (for tea break lmao). So we came back up and sat at the center place. Meanwhile… MADEit was clearing their tent and throwing away their storyboards so when Miss Kesia came out with the papers we asked her if we could help her throw and yea she passed them to us. So what did we do? We rolled the boards into balls and tried to score it into the rubbish bag. (i swear we are ridiculous sometimes)

Event 7: After that it was OUR turn to throw away our storyboards. But nope we didn’t scrunch them into balls and played basketball with them but instead, we made a long snake out of them. We connected our storyboards together and was literally pulling it around (so sorry to the teams who had to see us doing it). But in the end, we had to throw it away. Goodbye snake, we’ll miss you.


Event 8: Then we our final debrief. Gifts were also given to teams who had put in EXTREMELY TREMENDOUS EFFORT. Good Job guys!!! Then we had dinner. (sorry guys even though it’s only two lines but it’s still an event!!)


Event 8: The moment we all have been waiting for is here!! We all took glow sticks and went to the forbidden area!! (aka the blank space beside team blank space). We all had a party popper each and group leader Donut Michelle had the longer version!! Then well of course we popped them!!! The whole floor was covered in confetti and we thought: Do we have to clean all of that up? Also, we popped sparkling juice!! (it tasted great), and Donut Raksha almost hit someone’s head across the room. (beware everyone, raksha is a dangerous person)



raksha’s holding the whole bottle. is she drunk? (raksha’s the one in white btw and yes she is that tall)

Event 9: Then after that we played games!! The first was the balloon popping game (i swear everything is about popping)!! We had to wear balloons around our ankles and go around popping others’ balloons. However as Donut Michelle was scared of balloons she didn’t join in. (you missed all the fun michelle). Let’s just say the remaining three of us just kept the foot with the balloon off the ground for like 99% of the time, screaming like really don’t know what on earth was going on. (even though we know the everyone else was literally doing the same). In the end, Donut Ilyzah came in second!! (We’re so proud of you Ilyzah!!) Then we played other games like the snake scissors paper stone and Henry(?).


Finally, the highlight came…… theeeee DANCE PARTAYYYY.

Event 10: We had a tournament with all the teams and the instructors too!!! (it was Dance Central 3!!) To start off Mr Xavier and Mr Andrew danced off!!


After like a few rounds it was Donut Ilyzah’s turn to dance!!! And we had to say even we ourselves didn’t know she could dance that well. Wow Ilyzah. Just. WOW. We can proudly say that Donut Ilyzah is the best dancer in our team. (also the sportiest too). Good job Donut Ilyzah, you made us Donuts proud.


However, due to lack of time, we were unable to complete the tournament:(((( But still we had a REALLY REALLY FUN NIGHT. We will certainly miss all of these. These three weeks have been very fulfilling and filled with fun (even though stress sometimes) and we definitely will miss this place!! (the place, instructors, other teams) Even after this I think we will still wake up and think we have to go to NYP for production.

Nonetheless, all good things come to an end (including this blog!!) (wow its really long). Goodbye for now and till then for our next blog post!!! (which will be soon)

Btw, in case you were wondering, LDOPAWR means Last Day Of Production And Wrap Party!!

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