heyyy everyone, it’s been a week since the end of production and we’re starting to miss the life at nyp lounge. we have come to a point where we queue up at koufu to buy our food and feel that something’s amiss because we don’t use our koufu vouchers to pay. (nemation has provided 3 weeks worth of koufu vouchers to cover our meals during the production period).

we also kinda miss staring at computer screens every day, drawing red blobs….




thus, (wow, how shakespearean of me to use that word) we decided to make this blog post a dedication to mr yihua!!!

to all our readers out there, mr yihua has been the best and the favourite instructor for the past 3 weeks. when we were all struggling with our drawings, mr yihua was always the one instructing us on how to draw our characters. when we were unsure of how the shadows were supposed to look like, he would always pause to think of how the lighting would be like, before starting to guide us and draw on our screens. when we bombarded him with ten thousand questions 24/7, mr yihua would always patiently answer each and every of our queries, no matter how trivial and obvious the answers to or questions would be. 

even after we went home after production late at night, he would stay to look through our work of the day and help us edit it, making it easier for us to continue on the next day. time and time again he would stand over beside us, pointing out the many mistakes we have made, ensuring that we corrected it and our animation was of high quality and of course to his liking. we really have to thank him for that because his drawing skills are like highly professional and without him we wouldn’t be able to draw a thing. he cared a lot for us too: making sure that we didn’t go home too late even though we still had uncompleted work on our hands and encouraging us to take breaks when some of us got really stressed. 

fun fact: during the end of the day briefings, mr yi hua would always take out his small sketchbook and start drawing some stuff. he does this on a daily basis and we sometimes fear that he’s secretly making fun of us haha

but mr yihua is not like totally serious all the time, he can be really really fun. throwback to the time when kaila was always reporting late for production. so one day, we decided to ask mr yihua to prank kaila as well. We told mr yihua to chide kaila when she comes in, asking her way she was late all the time. mr yihua had to stand outside our tent for a full 2 minute, trying to contain his laughter before he went in a murmured “why are you late”, only to burst out laughing once again.

another time where we attempted to compare the similarities between mr yihua and our school teacher (see our instagram link below). he agreed without much hesitation and even imitated the picture we had of that teacher, trying his best to look identical to our teacher.


we’ve never actually seen him smile like that before


mr yihua has been a really really great instructor and we would never have gotten this far. without his constant help and guidance, we would probably have died halfway and completing our animation on time would be ten times harder. moreover, it was also really hard on him because he was in charge of another ne11 group as well and had to split his time to care for both teams. mr yihua, if you’re reading this, the tremendous effort you put into our clip will never be forgotten and we are extremely grateful for all your help during this three weeks. you made this experience a remarkably unforgettable, immeasurably special and especially wonderful one. you’ll always be part of the cedar3 family and we can’t wait to meet you again !!



mr yihua joining the cedar3 at the top left :))


also, thank you so much for the other instructors and top 10 teams that made our production journey such a enjoyable one!!!!

stay tuned for our next blog!!!

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<3, cedar3 (even the heart has a 3)

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