Our Ambassadors!

Even though we met our ambassadors during the 1st/ 2nd week of productions, we realised only now that we have yet to blog about meeting them yet (woops).

So we have 2 ambassadors, like all the groups, and were assigned to Ambassador Sarah, and Ambassador Geng Hui who were both extremely friendly. Even though we were super shy at first (and being the weird us)  they still were extremely nice and patient with us (and honestly if I were them I would be super done with us haha).


^snapshot from Ambassador Geng Hui’s Instagram Account, follow him @tangenghui!


^snapshot from Ambassador Sarah’s instagram, follow her @sarahcoldheart [That’s us at the botttom!]

This now reminds me how Nika always looks away/ blinks in all of our group pictures.


^like this





^and this

During our very first meeting with the 2 ambassadors (on different occasions) we first introduced our story and the team. In total honesty due to my poor memory, the only thing I could remember was laughing at ourselves when we were required to explain our super “unique” team name.
If I am not mistaken, we had explained this somewhere previously in some other blog but here, I’ll do a perhaps more insightful explanation.


Well this name has been reused for all the competitons we have participated so far and the four of us are in a team which I’d say is like all of the competitions so far except for like one or two. We used it for our first competition in Secondary school too and when we were required to think of a name, we were stuck. So what did these 4 “amazingly creative” geniuses thought of? Random Name Generator. It was a unanimous decision we made at the same time and this was already an early obvious sign there was something wrong with us people but oh well.


I would say this wasn’t exactly the brightest moments of our lives. The stuff that came out was like some random gibberish and we had “enough sense” to not use them.  So while we all were going just give up, Maelynn was like look we all 4 have glasses, are in computer club, so we are geeks right??!!

At that time we probably were desperate enough to go with anything in English so we just were like yeahhhhh.

When we thought things couldn’t “get any better” Nika said someting along the lines of “and we are in a truck on the road to success!”

Maelynn: “OOO so let’s change the ‘ck’ in truck to an ‘x’ so its more cool right?!”

Nika: “Yeah! Geekstrux!!!” *high fives*

At this point both Wan Ting and Chloe were like what just happened? Little did they know this was simply the start of the madness that had them on this ride on a truck “to success”.


When Ms Heather first heard this she was like :

“Why a truck? Not a car, or anything else- but a truck?” -Ms Heather

Well, then we would have to be geekscar right and it sounds like some crazy lunatics whose vision is to hunt down geeks and leave them with a scar. – Chloe’s excuse

Cause we have a lot of people to help us on the way and we want to bring them on this journey to success with us, and only a truck would be big enough to accommodate everyone. -Nika’s excuse

Ms Heather then proceeds to search ‘geekstrux’ on google, and while everything in front was something related to us, as she scrolled further down, there was a picture of a food truck named geekstrux…


Well were all love food so I guess we could be a food truck as well?

Anyways, that’s enough for this one extremely weird story lol.


Geeking off,


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