hello everyone! since we’ve been suffering from sleepless nights and restless days because we miss going to nyp every single day, we have decided to do another dedication to the instructors, this time, every single one of them!!! (okay except mr yihua since we the previous blog was already ALL about him) this is going to be really funny because we’re going to share all their darkest secrets huehuehue



ms kesia looking as “gorgeous” as always (lighting as bad as usual soz)

heyyy ms kesia (its gl or gayle, whatever u prefer to call me lol), thank you for bring that instructor who always reminds us to behave like proper ladies (children, if that’s what you call us) especially in front of mr yihua, actually not that we (aka tanya, kayla and kaila) listen to that. we’ll really really miss the times we had together, eg how i have to try and avoid you from poking me all the time.(okay i admit i started it all) although you aren’t our instructor, you’ve made all of us laugh so hard that we have to admit that we’ve never actually laughed so hard before. we’ll miss the times where you claimed that you needed to achieve your “figure” (she drinks green tea to make her feel less bloated) but still continued to eat your mala hotpot and cookies and pretzels with nutella (yes she feels that pretzels with nutella is a delicacy so we bought it for her and it tasted kinda weird but apparently she feels that it was great) we’ll always remember every single thing that you’ve done for us and with us like how you briefly locked gl out of the nyp lounge and she sat on the floor in despair and you were like “don’t sit on the floor later everyone think i’m bullying you” or how you kept throwing confetti at us and released all the air from the balloons at our face. oh and sidenote, keep dancing, you’ll no longer have to say “i’m so bad at this” hahahaha. we’ll really really really miss you so much and we’re probably going to tear if we continue writing so we’ll end it here. by the way, you still owe us a picture 🙂 , so how about downtown picnic???



mr xavier!!! (taken from team blank space’s instagram https://www.instagram.com/_blankk.spacee_/)


hello mr xavier, being neighbours with your team was really great because we could always overhear the hilarious conversations you had with your team about things like homosexuality and how obama has “passed away”??? and we all died laughing internally. it was really cool to watch the caterpillar (aka timothy) that you caught from the tree outside slowly turn into a cocoon while all of us just stood around watching it and basically invading its privacy. we would all also like to thank you for bringing the nerf gun to shoot at tanya because that was really fun :p and for all of us to play too (which resulted in the rest of us getting shot as well but ok). although you weren’t our instructor, but seeing you as an one since last year in NE10 till this year, i think we can all agree that you’re a really experienced and caring instructor. seeing how you interact cheerfully and bond with your team, how you OT almost all the time with them, how you always help them when they call for you, its really heartwarming to see you so close to your team!! well, I guess we’ll all miss you and all your funny-ness so… looking forward to meet you again at downtown picnic 🙂



ms erica!!! (taken from n.e heh heh’s instagram https://www.instagram.com/nehehheh/)

hey ms erica!!! although we didn’t really talk much you still are a really really great instructor. thank you for taking the time to drop by our tent sometimes to offer some of your quality advice (she gives good advice when you’re looking for long pants because she says that her pants that she bought from h&m are really comfortable and they’re like jeggings but not jeggings) your visits have really made the tent much more cheerful as compared to our usual mundane state 🙂 also, thank you for being one of those instructors that really emphasises the importance of teamwork and how a team should stay together and help each other out. we’ll all miss your presence in the tent somewhat next to ours and we hope to see you again at downtown picnic!!!



ms yinghui!!! (taken from team finding sanity’s instagram https://www.instagram.com/finding_sanitynemation/)

hello ms ying hui, i guess after this 3 weeks, the four of us have stared at you through the computer screen the most, zooming in and out to draw the different parts of you all day long. we still think that the easiest part of you to draw is your hair haha. first of all, we’ll like to thank you for helping out in our video and being the only one who was in all of our roto scenes, it was such an honour having you “star” in our video (i guess we are all pros at drawing you now hehe). it’s going to be strange without having you around and we don’t think that we’re going to get used to it. we’re literally counting down to the day we can meet you again at downtown picnic next year.



(taken from team impossibro’s instagram https://www.instagram.com/im.possibro/)

hiii mr eivriel (sorry we don’t know how to spell your name) you seem like a really cool instructor and all even though we didnt get to know you well enough. I mean, you look like a pretty decent person from all the reference videos we’ve seen. (yes, apparently staring at someone for 3 weeks straight can make you know a person better haha) anyways, thank you for being such a great and caring instructor these 3 weeks. guess we’ll see you again on the 14 on downtown picnic!!!!



mr nova!!! (taken from team passionfruit’s instagram https://www.instagram.com/teampassionfruit/)

hii mr nova! although your tent is like all the way at the other end of the production site, we can still tell that you’re a really fun instructor hehe! we remember the day we were like “bye mr nova” and at first you were walking away from us. but you suddenly turned back to face us and waved to us with your hands in your jacket sleeves. we couldn’t stop laughing. *sighs* such memories. there was also the other time where team passionfruit sent you on a mission to find your gifts. if our memory didnt fail us, they gave you a pigpen cipher to solve and you were just sitting at the pantry, trying to solve it. after some of our help, you managed to find your next clue in the FUBAR (the fridge) haha. hope to see you soon at downtown picnic!!!  



ms heather!!! (taken from geekstrux’s instagram https://www.instagram.com/geekstrux/)

thank you ms heather for being such an interesting and funny instructor!!! (ms heather once complained about how the author of the book she was reading had overly described a particular scene in the book haha) you’ve put your heart and soul into your team’s animation and for that i really admire our dedication. also, thank you so much for introducing to us the turkish food at koufu, the wraps are actually really really good hehe! (when the new turkish kebab store opened in koufu ms heather was so happy because she always longed for a turkish food store in nyp) oh, and also thank you for playing head’s up with us (even though it was your lunch time and ms kesia kinda dragged you into it). having your presence at the game really spiced things up and made it more interesting! we’ll miss you a lot and we’re sooooo looking forward to seeing you again at downtown picnic!



ms jacinda!!!

heyyy ms jacinda, thank you so much for being such a great instructor for the first one week. although you were only interning, you were really experienced and we couldn’t do without your help. we’ll never forget the time we laughed together and somewhat screamed together because we got paint stained on our hands :((( we’re really really sorry for everything we’ve screwed up 😦  it actually seems like we’re apologising to you all the time because we really owe you an apology. wait. not one apology but thousands. thank you so much once again and perhaps we’ll see you again at downtown picnic?? :))



sorry we couldn’t find any pictures with you :/ (taken from nemation’s flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/nemation/)

hello mr joshua and mr ellery!!! thank you so much for all your valuable advice you have given us all the way from the top 100 selection process. we especially have to thank mr joshua for giving us the inspiration which sparked our story and for the life action during the selection period!!! thank you mr ellery for your constant guidance as you went about checking and reviewing our animations!!! also, we couldn’t deal with the ransomware without both of your professional help!!! due to your swift actions, none of our files were affected *phew* we’ll really miss your daily debrief sessions and mr ellery’s “handsome voice”can’t wait to see you at downtown picnic again 🙂


(sorry!!! we didnt take any pictures with the both of you :(((( perhaps you could look into the mirror and picture that image in this blog post hahaha. alternatively, you could contact us and send us some of your glamourous pictures for us to edit onto this post. okay we’re going slightly overboard…)

heyyy wei ting and isabella!!! (should we be calling you ms weiting and ms isabella :p) thank you for always allowing us to have lunch with you guys, letting us listen to your many funny encounters in your school. although we didn’t really get to work together (that means less work for you guys haha), you’re still really great seniors and funny ones too!! you guys really made our 3 weeks so much more interesting. it was a real pity isabella left wrap party without dancing though, we were soooo looking forward to her skills!!! since, this blog post is about sharing secrets lets just share one: wei ting pretty much eats the same japanese food every single day. When she denies and says that she eats different things, she’s actually eating the same dish with different ingredients in it (either chicken, oyster or prawn)

all these instructors have put in a tremendous effort into ne11 top 10 team’s animation clip and they have helped our team one way or another and for that we are really really grateful towards them. we’ll really miss them alot and all the happy times we’ve spent together and the only thing we regret is probably not spending more time with them!!! :”( ps, the only thing about them that wasn’t to our liking was that they wore black!!! (the instructors would all wear their black animagine tees on the last day of production so that it’s more formal but seeing all of them wear black makes us feel even more depressed!!!)


we’ll miss everyone TT




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<3, cedar3 (even the heart has a 3)

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