* kicks down door * IT’S STARTING TO LOOK ALOT LIKE CHRISTMAS – Passionfruit 🍓

Hello hello!! It’s your favourite punny passionfruits, back again with a Christmas Day special!

Yeah…well let’s just keep our chins up and hope we don’t get pulverized by teachers when school reopens. Wow, can you believe it’s already Christmas? The end of the year is just 6 days away, and then comes school, exams and NEmation results:00

It’s going to be so stressful next year, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from NEmation, it is to never give up, even when you’re tired and frustrated when your file crashes.

As a Christmas special, feel free to rewatch our Christmas dancing video on instagram over and over again and keep up with some weird shenanigans on our twitter. But as a little gift, here’s a special drawing made by Mabel! Have a merry Christmas from us Passionfruit! Ho ho homework!!

PS: To all instructors, Mabel’s drawings were done in a day please don’t give too much criticismmmm😁

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