our memoir???????!!!!!!!

HELLO EVERYONE!! production period is long and gone and we rlly want to tell u guys EVERYTHING that we have done and been through throughout the hectic three weeks! although we have told u guys all about how tedious the whole process was, and who cried on which day, we feel like there’s still so much more stuff that had gone on behind the scenes, and we really want to relieve those precious moments with u, and also really want u guys to experience what we have experienced, so we’re decided to share with u guys about our crazy antics and what interesting things we have done and seen!! some might have already been mentioned in the previous posts, and they will be listed in no particular order bc everything is all jumbled up and we can’t remember which moment belongs to which day SO THEY’LL JUST BE in no particular order!!!!!!

we’re just gonna bring u through this and remember we really want u guys to go through this journey with us! although this journey is over, we still really want u guys to know EVERYTHING!!! everything that you’ll be reading in a couple of moments will be raw and real so buckle ur seat belts and indulge urselves in this collection of impossibro’s moments!

1. i can remember vividly on the first day of production in which we went down to get our lunch, we went to the place at the wrong time bc it was lunch time and all the students were bustling about! so we went to queue for jap food and i swear the CREEPIest thing happened :-00

so there was a group of guys and we have literally no idea who they were and they started calling our names and we were so scared ok we won’t go into details but that made us eat in the lounge for the rest of production not only to escape the crowd but also to escape them

2. ok so as u all know megan is impossibro’s walking meme, so there will be this scene in our video which megan will be inside this picture with other people (hint hint) ok so when the pictures got printed out megan got so scarred by it because I SWEAR she looked like she was gonna cry but holding in her tears and she said she will stop watching the video when it comes out at that very part where her face is on…..

3. so before production period we went to oneanimation’s studio to learn more about animation and so the photographer nevin was there and he took some pictures of us and so we were standing against this wall and smiling at the camera and suddenly nevin went like “megan can u look normal for once” and that was the start of megan’s career of a walking meme ok like no matter what her facial expression will make us double in laughter! maybe megan should just charge people to watch her stand on a stage and make faces!


4. idk if we’ve wrote this in one of the blog posts but if we haven’t… we need to tell u this… pearlyn has no sense of humor at all. like AT ALL. like the other time like it was all quiet and then pearlyn went like “i googled this joke do u guys wanna hear it” and we were like sure ok and then she went “my boss told me to have a good day so I went home” and it was just silent with the three of us just staring at her. don’t ever tell her to crack a joke or make a pun you’ll just be really disappointed.


5. there was a period of time renee brought her seventeen light stick and for that period of time mr ariel couldn’t go five minutes without saying aju nice and renee’s face will literally REDDEN

6. so as u all know mr ariel is our instructor and the other day he got called out and someone asked him if he had a lighter on him ok mr ariel doesn’t admit it but hes a party animal @mr ariel if ur reading this u can deny it all u want but we know everything… consider urself exposed….. (additionally he rlly knew how to turn up during wrap party. we get it, ur wild xD)


7. all the friends we’ve made!! :-)) despite the limited opportunities we r given to bond w the other teams, we do appreciate the interaction we have gotten. FRISBEE!!! w dinosoar on a saturday was one example of a time we TURNED UP!!! n did u know that neheheh named our barbie doll? (it’s mildred audrey gertrude OK) (or was it in a different order) n also the little conversations w other teams such as cedar3 and passionfruit!!! :-))) LOVE U ALL ❤

8. also we can never forget how the post-it wall was what broke the ice between teams and how words of encouragements were shared, how we started discussing similar interests (mystic messenger?????) and communicated on the wall. it felt like the wall was the “social media platform” for nemation11 teams. aND eventually we started exchanging snacks!!!yumz (not to mention all of us aTE ALOT during production)

SO that wraps up impossibro’s memoir!! we really hope u enjoyed all of that jazz! of course that’s not all of it but this is by far the longest blog post we’ve ever written and our fingers are SORE!

also we’re gonna have this downtown picnic so if ur free u can come down with ur family and friends to show some SUPPORT!! it will be held on 14 January 2017, from 1pm to 4pm, at the cathay, external atrium, Level 1!! it’ll be super lit and u can win lucky draw prizes and there will be FREE FOOD!! everything WILL BE completely free!! so remember to come down! well that’s that and if u haven’t, do follow our instagram @im.possibro and twitter @_impossibro!! thank u guys for everything and loving us unconditionally :”-)

until next time!

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