heyy guys, obviously when there was a pre-analysis, there has to be a post analysis. this blog is a very deep reflection all the way from day one, the day we were selected to get into the top 100 of ne11, where we started screaming in our classroom because we couldn’t believe that we made it through again.

“how did it all get started?” was a question we often asked ourselves during the production period. and we’ll all recall how everything started from 4 simple words: the little red dot. (reminds me of that weekly newspaper we used to order in primary school but ok we shall not digress)


looking back now after production to the time we first submitted our first story idea seems like quite a long time ago. but honestly, it wasn’t. because the 4 of us are all in infocomm, nemation was kinda a mandatory i meant highly encouraged competition for us to join. after viewing the nemation introductory prezi and doing research about the theme together we keep singapore strong (er not really because it’s the same theme as last year), we drafted out 3 story ideas for our teachers in charge to vet through and edit. after further refining our stories, here came the story clinic in school which mr joshua conducted.

i guess we really have to thank him a lot because he gave us key insights and ideas for our story which eventually got us into top 100. after listening to our ideas about relating singapore to a little red dot, he said “the little red dot reminds me of a little red dot of blood” and also reminded us that one of the sponsors for this year’s nemation was Singapore Red Cross. Inspired by his words, we continued on that path, focusing our story on blood.


when we received the news that our team got into the top 100 a few weeks later, we were super duper excited and probably screamed among ourselves again!! but being a year older and hopefully more mature, we were more composed over the news, i mean at least tanya didn’t go into kayla’s class after school screaming in joy when her math teacher was still around. the much anticipated one week selection (maybe not so much because it means frantically juggling studies and nemation all at once) finally arrived and we entered nyp again for the first time in 9 months. we felt quite nostalgic like “omg i remember this place and all the hard work spent inside here”.

day 1 of one week selection was pretty interesting because we went on a excursion to the Red Cross headquarters and blood donation bank (obviously since our story is about blood).  there, we learnt more about the importance of blood donation which became a key factor in our story and eventually, the main message that we wanted to share with everyone. *who knew a simple excursion would play such a big part in driving our story along*




literally us trying to avoid any more pitching after the one week


we’re not even kidding. “endless” is the perfect word to describe it – the correct intensity, connotation, denotation etc (@english teachers *especially mr ahmad* are yall proud we still remember these terms after the holidays). i mean, try making a script, rehearsing and presenting 3 times in 7 days on top of constantly refining your story.
from top 100 to top 40 to top 20 to top 10, we had to pitch every single time when there was going to be elimination in the number of contestants. can you imagine how nerve wrecking it was, like we pitch in the morning and the results come in later that evening. but in all honesty, i think we all actually really enjoyed pitching to the judges. although we might complain how annoying it was to pitch so often and how scared we were waiting outside the room with the judges inside, pitching was a great experience for all of us as well. once we entered the room, all our fears, for some reason just melted away (maybe its because cedar makes you present like 13274 times every year), and we just pitched without much pressure. be it acting or doing our signature and quite immature introduction (we are C-E-D-A-R CEDAR 3 *does the silly hand action*) or making mistakes in the pitch, we could always laugh it off together with the judges without feeling like “oh no i made a mistake die” that you feel in normal class presentations.  


after all our creative juices were all used up, it was all left to the judges to make their final decision. who were going to be the top 10 teams. and to our delight, we were chosen to be the top 10 team for ne11 once again!!! we were literally jumping for joy when mr ellery called out “cedar3” to join the top 10 teams in this season of nemation.

but being selected as the top 10 teams was just the start as the animating was about to begin once again. even though animating on a daily basis can be very very tiring (see all our previous blogs for more of our complaints), we are very very grateful that we were given the opportunity to turn our storyline into moving animation!! not only have we gained new experience, but also many new friends as well!!! again, thank you to those who have helped us one way or another :)) we can’t wait to view our animation on the big screens, and we get when that happens, we’ll be like screaming our heads of “OMG, I DREW THAT SCENE, I DREW THAT SCENE”


yes, although stages 1-4 were all played by us and those involved in the nemation competition, it is now your turn to do us a big big favour! what we need you to do now, is to jot this very very important date down: 14 JAN 2017, THE CATHAY EXTERNAL ATRIUM LEVEL ONE. (1-4pm) this date and venue isn’t just any other ordinary date. IT’S OUR NEMATION 11 DOWNTOWN PICNIC!!! THERE WILL BE FREE FOOD, LOT’S OF FUN GAMES AND ATTRACTIVE LUCKY DRAW PRIZES. we’re going to have such a wonderful time at downtown picnic so be sure to join us there. more details will be released on a later date


most importantly, it’s going to be the first day of voting and you guys would be able to view our animation clip that we’ve put so much effort into!!! now, we need you to do one other thing: TELL EVERYONE TO VOTE FOR US AND VISIT US DURING DOWNTOWN PICNIC!!!! voting for us will be the best decision you’ll ever make in your whole entire life, because for each time you vote, your name would be automatically put into a lucky draw and you’ll stand a chance to win items like ipads and mcdonalds vouchers! (if we’re not wrong, because that was from last year)!!!



yes, you can really win so muchhhh by voting for cedar3



so what are you guys waiting for, let’s start a countdown till downtown picnic haha. we’ll see you there 🙂

also, happy new year in advance! school’s starting but you’ll still hear from us next week! 🙂

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<3, cedar3 (even the heart has a 3)



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