New Years, New Beginnings

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Year, lets recollect our past mistakes to make sure we do not repeat them again. For example breaking rules. So, during the three week production there was a set of rules we had to follow, but most sadly to say we broke about half of them.


Sorry for the blurry image.


2. Be respectful – to instructors, teammates & competitors alike.
Respect was given to instructors and competitors, but we probably had insulted each other within that time span, forgetting all respect, but it is all part of our blooming friendship.

3. Shower your instructors with LOVE.
We Love You Instructors

4. Take great care of your health; hydrate frequently and take regular eye breaks.
We may or may not have stayed glued to our chairs after lunch during the three week
production. But in our defence, HELLO PEOPLE WE GOT WORK TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Take good care of your teammates.

6. Take good care of all your equipments.
Our computers were still in top condition at the end of the three week production.
But poor lamps!!!!!!!!! We will remember you forever.

7. Dress in full-U or half-U (any school tee). No cosplay allowed until Wrap Day.

8. No consumption of wet food within tents; if you stink up this studio, your team gets trash duty for the entire studio till Wrap Day
We broke this rule too. huh. We drank milo in the studio and the appeared the suddenly brown thing on the carpet, but no one knows what it is and disappeared a few days later, so this can be our little secret. Shhhhhhh……..

9. Keep your movements within the studio & surrounding amenities; ALWAYS inform your instructors of your whereabouts, especially when you travel to alternate dimensions.
Sooooooo many times we left for lunch without telling Mr.Yi Hua. Sorry!

10. No shouting. Except during the wrap party, when it’ll be weird not to shout.
I think we were out of control the last few days, we were done with our work and were bored. Sorry to those we disturbed

11. Moderate your conversational volume. Many more people can hear than you think.
Well if anyone heard us they would have probably thought we were mental, we are the weirdest people ever.

12. Prolonged phone conversations should be done outside the studio. Dramatic break-up’s may be shared inside if you wish.
Well we are lonely people, no phone calls coming here!

13. Mobile phones shall be kept on silent mode; pagers are allowed to ring out loud. But you probably don’t even know what those are.
What’s a pager?

14. No blasting of music; listen to your music in-ear. In which case it may not be wise to blast it.
We didn’t but we would like to thank MadeIt and Ms. Keisha for having the courage to play Disney Songs. It was beautiful. SOBS

15. WALK with purposeful fervor; do not run. Tripping over power cables may cause loss of work and injury. Injury done to you by the people who lost their work ‘coz you cutting their power.
God we did not even know what fervor means, dumb people we are. We may or may not have ran, but no harm was done.

16. Do not switch off power switches or sockets without permission; doing so can result in injuries. See Rule 15.
We may or may not have accidentally switched off our own power switch, but no work was lost.

17. Keep your workspace clean. The carpet is for your comfort, not for cultivating deadly pathogens from your questionable hygiene practices. Keep the crumbs and stains off the carpet.
We might have messed our place a lot and dropped a lot of stuff on the carpet. But we cleaned it all, so all is good, right?

18. Empty your trash bins before you leave the studio every day. ideally, dispose of them in the NYP trash bins outside our studio.
Our dustbin was not cleaned for one whole week but after that we decided to be responsible and even create another dustbin

19. You are responsible for your cash and embarrassingly-expensive gadgets. We are not obligated to launch a recovery mission for your lost items.
We did not lose anything, thank god. But Donut Raksha did lose her watch on the first day at the top 100 selection.

20. No visitors allowed, except with permission from the organizers. Or unless your visitor is John Lasseter or Hayao Miyazaki, or anyone who knows them on first-name basis.
Like said, we are lonely people, ain’t nobody is gonna come look for us.

21. Inform your instructors if you feel unwell or have fallen sick.
Donut Ilyzah felt unwell on the first day of production but she did tell the instructor, after like so long.

22. Your work is to be done ONLY in this studio. Do not bring work home, or work from home.
Well no problem in that we can do our work at home, yo people we got other things to do you know other than animating stuff.

23. You can post images, footages or soundbites of your work online, up to a total of 5 seconds per team.
This might be one of the rules we strictly followed.

24. Stream all the videos you want in your workspace. But keep your clothes on, & your language clean.
We are nice, respectful students we ain’t gonna do that, it is offensive to even think of us like that.

25. Instructors’ belongings, computers & workspace are strictly off-limits to participants.
We might have forgotten this rule and taken our instructors frisbee and played with it, the we realised we broke another rule so we quickly put the frisbee back.

26. Keep the pantry area sanitary & neat.
Well we kept the cheese lexus section sanitary, neat & empty. All Donut Wai Sheen’s fault.

27. It is your responsibility and your right to (courteously) question the intention of any strangers who enter our studio.
We did not see no stranger.

28. Make use of your time in a manner that will leave you no regrets.Β 

Well one rule we found most important was the first and the last about having no regrets, and we are pleased to say we have no regrets and happy with our work.

We also like to mention we have broken 14 rules exactly half of the rules, quite the bunch of troublemakers we are…

Anyways we have to end now,

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