Safra Radio: how to be a kid 101

Today’s the day of our Safra Radio recording….

And we’re once again late (woops)

For once our teachers accompanied us to the recording (Ms Azee heyy- you better be reading our post as promised ah just kidding haha) and being us, we were complaining our way through the ride

But of course no geekstrux journey starts off well. We first missed the bus, then Chloe realised there was only 60 cents in her bus card (sorrez guys) so we went to the MRT stop to top up the money.

Well of course, while complaining.

Then we waited for our bus for the longest time ever and then Maelynn realised it was 2 already and we were supposed to be there already.

So we went into this frenzy and Nika quickly messaged Mr James and he replied in a second. Literally. (A for efficiency)

When the bus finally came it was a double decker bus and Maelynn and Nika went :


When we went up we saw them dancing at the back. Yeah. Okay.


^K-Pop happened


Then when we reached we nearly missed the stop until the bus was leaving and Chloe was like isn’t this the stop? Then Maelynn quickly pressed the bell but the bus didn’t stop. Then one of us didn’t realize we were doing it but actually continuously pressed the bell multiple times like spamming the poor button lol so the bus finally stopped and everyone stared as we rushed of the bus.

By this time we are already nearly half an hour late. Woops. So we basically ran to the station and recorded our stuff which surprisingly took very fast.


^so-called running


^entrance of the station!


^here’s us, (drenched with sweat from the heat and running)



^Wan Ting recording (Chinese script)


^nika recording our English script!


So if your interested in what we recorded, do tune in from 14 Jan to 5 Feb during the voting phase from 6am to 12 midnight to either Power 98 or Jia 88.3 FM.

Speaking of which, we have a downtown picnic coming right up! If you are free on the 14th on January do head down to The Cathay, External Atrium, Level One from 1 to 4pm! There’d be free food, games, a lucky draw, and even a sharing by our local youtubers Ryan and Sylvia from Night Owl Cinematics. So make sure to come do and support us!

Oh and if were wondering, we missed our bus on the way back. Surprised? I’m not haha…


^ took this instead though whoever that is- some Korean idol(??)


Geeking out,

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