⚠ATTENTION: HELP NEEDED⚠- passionfruit 🍓

Note: writer of this post had to crawl out of her laziness to write this so excuse any grumpiness evident in this post
Hello hello hello!! Did you guys miss us? Probably not, but we’re too shameless to admit that cough cough😏😏

Many things have happened since we last posted in the New Year, like a radio interview, a preview of our animation and of course, our own Passionfruit photobooth we had set up in school!

Reversing all the way back to last Friday, 6 Jan, we had a radio interview at Safra radio! 

Well, it was more of nervously reciting lines and stumbling over words than a interview, but we think it went well (other than our cringy voices which we all groaned at) The radio station was fancy as heck and we were all just staring at everything in awe. But unfortunately, the interview was short and we had to leave after around half an hour:'(

But that wasn’t all for Friday, oh no. While other teams could happily go home after their interview – sigh – we had a Secondary 1 Campfire! Maybelle, Yolanda, and Pamela were in charge of a Sec 1 class (don’t bother asking where Mabel was, Mabel was stuck in class) and all of us persuaded the enthusiastic Sec 1s to cheer for us! It became our most liked and viewed video on instagram, so please go check it out;)

That’s, unfortunately, not the end of our NEmation promotion. Less than 24 hours later, we returned to school for our CCA open house, and we set up a cool photobooth with help from the infocomm club!!💓💓

As we all hurried around our individual CCAs and the photobooth, we managed to rope in many classmates and Sec 1s to take photos; so thank you for all those who helped us accumulate many, many photos!

After the open house, and after the many days of crying over the sudden Sec 4 workload, we dragged ourselves to Nanyang Poly to see the preview of our animation! We were all so excited and scared and we were just staring wide eyed at our animation. It looked so good?? And I think we were all very emotional over our individual scenes :’)

But enough of our past, we’re going to look to the FUTURE. That’s right, voting period starts tomorrow! And not only that, but at The Cathay tomorrow at 1pm, there’s a big reveal of our animation!:00

So if you were to come down to The Cathay tomorrow, you’ll be able to watch our animation on a loop, participate in three lucky draws, get to see Nightowl Cinematic’s Ryan and Sylvia vote for us, AND get free food! Like, who would refuse free food?!

This event is from 1 to 4pm and we are 120% sure it’s going to be a very exciting and nerve-wrecking event. If you are eagerly waiting to watch our animation and want to support us, please please please vote for us! Steps to vote will be uploaded tomorrow so please do so! Voting period is all the way til 5 Feb so help us, our fellow passionfruits! ✊✊

The moment our animation comes up, we’ll be posting links to it on twitter and instagram, so go and check them out and follow these accounts! It’s a lot more behind-the-scenes footage there, especially tomorrow during Downtown Picnic.

As the voting day arrives, we’ll be staying up to vote 😂 and gettying ready for our booth! We’ll see you all very soon, and PLEASE support us! ❤❤

 Goodnight everyone!🍅🍉🍊🍎🍓

Picture of the week:

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