Geekstrux: Premiere + Pre-Downtown Picnic Prep

helloo here’s a somewhat overdued post?? so pardon us we are like in the midst of studies-leadership-cca frenzy especially we’re in sec 3 already (cries) I don’t want to leave Crescent so soon it’s my second home (nyp is our 3rd lol) and I feel so old why??

So back to topic before I dive into a 100 page essay on why I love Crescent, we have 2 things on the agenda to cover today (why do I sound like I’m giving a lecture?) -when we went back to see our final product, and our pre-downtown picnic preparations!


So we went on Wednesday after school and we totally thought we were going to be late cause somehow we just become late, its a geekstrux tradition don’t question it. So we left 1.5 hours early (it was a 45 min ride from sch?) and we thought we were off to a great start but…


^If you read our previous posts, you’d know how every bus seems to hate us


^So we’re walking to the MRT (with last year classmates!!)


^Wah intense one-to-one conversations??


unnamed (2).jpg

^on the MRT (which was very crowded) T^T

And the most surprising thing of all?


By some miracle we weren’t not only not late, but 30 minutes early (say whattt) got to be some record! (this is your cue to clap for us 😉 )

So we decided to get some bubble tea as a reward for being so early and also brings me to this topic :

Before we left school we had a quick lunch and Chloe was eating some Tom Yum Noodles which really wasn’t take spicy (or to Nika “not spicy at all”) and Nika was eating the spicy Korean noodles (you know the viral video that noodle?) she poured in the entire packet of seasoning onto her noodles after we helped her to drain the water from her noodles into the dustbin which for some reason had a uniform thrown inside??( we were pouring boiling water, “washing the shirt” awkwardly at the super crowded stairway/ rotunda of our school since it was dismissal time ) But back to the point Nika claimed that she was extremely disappointed that the noodles weren’t spicy at allI swear and Chloe was at the corner already dying trying to eat her “spicy” noodles and when she was finally done, someone asked if she was crying cause her nose was running from the spice and Chloe was like “no lah I was eating spicy *cough* noodles *sniff*” so much for spice tolerance…

But we somewhat lost our way to the theatre, and thought that we were super early since no one was there and we stood waiting, feeling like proud little kids. But NO  nearly everyone was seated and waiting by the time we realised they already entered the theatre. So much for being early…

unnamed (1).jpg

^yasss *slurps bubble tea*

We also (hopefully Ms Heather ain’t reading this) were devising a plan to scare Ms Heather like evil maniacs but when we got there we found out she was not available that day :,( [There’s still Saturday though mwhahahh] (ohya if you wondering why we are like that see posts : Ms Heather be coming round the corner etc.)

So we basically got to finally see our end product, and radio recording!!

P.S On contrary to everyone’s high-pitched (distinctively a girl) voice we were like the super “dead” team and our recording was super low-pitched even though Chloe’s voice is like squeaky high Maelynn’s deep manly voiced masked it off. Nika also had a sore throat that day from sec one orientation so she sounded “like a croaking frog”.


Pre-Downtown Picnic Prep!

Our team only remembered to prepare some stuff like less than a week to the picnic so everything was a made rush.

Originally we wanted to make an ang-pow and after designing and all, realised:

  • We had no budget to go outside to print colours
  • No time 😦

So we compromised to pre-made angpows, and a small little calander stuffed into each ang-pow in less than half of one CCA session, we cut, packed and arranged nearly 400 of these souveniers but of course, not without the help of our CCA mates. Thanks guyss muaks.



^^^^ang-pows and end product!

^^^Nika aligning

^^Chloe slicing the paper

Speaking of which why is Chloe’s fingers so crooked lol. Like Wan Ting’s fingers.

We also did a publicity announcement during our school’s morning assembly:


^That’s us up on stage (ignore the slides haha)

We also created flyers to be given out during our CCA open house, throwing away any dignity left (probably none in the first place lol):


^ft maelynn’s hand

Other than that, we also created chain messages, and fowarded them to every person on our contact list haha.

Geeking out,



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1 Response to Geekstrux: Premiere + Pre-Downtown Picnic Prep

  1. Marcus says:

    Hi Geekstrux,
    Wonderful video. Very catchy tune! Glad you could make use of the issue of HAZE to show how it can bind our nation together!
    NEA should take a leaf from you people!


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