Downtown Picnic 2017!!

Okay, this has been one of the most hectic days of our lives.

Firstly, Amelia had to show up late because she was held back by some CCA event. That was a huge problem because she had all the bookmarks and stuff, so the rest of us had NOTHING to give to the public. Thankfully after some searching, we found 711 nearby! Whooop! Ill never see convenience stores the same way again. I love you ❤

Anyway, we bought some chocolates and sweets to give to the public, so we were safe for that day 🙂

Getting votes was actually easier than we thought. Though we got rejected sometimes by busy people, and those who think we are carrying out surveys, overall I think this experience has boosted our confidence and talking skills 🙂

However, we ran into a problem when our wifi-router RAN OUT OF BATTERY. So poor Amelia had to use her Mobile Data to collect votes, but after a struggle, we found a way to still key in votes without wifi (i wont tell you kekeke).

It was also an experience when we managed to get interviewed by NOC! It was both very nerve-wrecking and an enjoyable experience not to mention we got to publicise while having fun!

(check out our picture with NOC on our instagram page : @finding_sanitynemation )


Displaying 20170128_221338.png

Getting as many votes as possible! ^^^^

See you on the next “Vote Voyage!”

~F.S. 🐟



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