VOTE FOR #C05!!!!


We are very proud to announce that voting period has OFFICIALLY STARTED!

Yes, that’s right, its now YOUR chance to vote! The fate of our happiness is in YOUR hands! There are 4 different ways to vote for us, check them out below!


You can also refer to this instead for direct links!  :

Hi everyone! NEmation 11 voting has started!!!
Please vote for the 2 teams from CHIJ St. Nicholas (C05 & C07)on 4 different platforms!
1. Online at
2. Mobile at
3. Facebook app at (non-mobile)
(Mobile) (recommended)
4. Via SMS to 76677
NE11<space>WEB<space><1st choice>,<2nd choice>,<3rd choice><space><NRIC><space> <FULL NAME>
(E.g. NE11 WEB C01,C03,C05 S1234567A TAN MEI LAN)
Our girls have worked very hard through the Sept Hols and year-end Holidays last year so do support us because every vote counts! Do help to spread this message to your friends as voting will end on 5 Feb, 2359h. Voters of the winning team stand to win attractive prizes from the Lucky Draw! 😄 
Thank you and enjoy your weekend!


Don’t Forget to check out our various Social Media accounts for more interesting updates during voting period!

Facebook: Finding Sanity | Link:

Twitter: findingsanityNE | Link:

Instagram: finding_sanitynemation | Link:


Please feel free to check out our Video and VOTE FOR US!



~F.S. 🐟





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1 Response to VOTE FOR #C05!!!!

  1. Finding_Sanity_Ne11 says:

    All the best Finding Snaity!!
    Great effort ! Thumbs up!


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