We are on Power 98!!!!

Not too long ago, we F.S. went to Safra Radio Sation to record our “pitchings” to be broadcasted to the entire Singapore!. Well, at least 3/4 of Finding Sanity went, because Wan did not bring her Ezlink card 😦

At first it was terrifying, because:

  1. Im.possibro was right outside the recording room and they could hear EVERYTHING we said (including out mispronounced Chinese words :p )
  2. This was our first time in a recording studio
  3. it was pretty stressful because this was going to be broadcasted everywhere.

So, after countless of hours slaving away, writing the han yu pin yin for the CL words, we managed to get by with an excellent performance from Ame, and a pretty so-so one from Chris. ( have you guys heard my voice? Sounded like a constipated flamingo )

Displaying Screenshot_20170117-201010.png <<<< Recording!!!

So… be sure to tune to Power98 during this voting period < 14th Jan to 5th Feb> to learn more about our animation and ways to vote for us!!!

See you during Voting Period!

~F.S. 🐟


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