Keeping up with the Passionfruits – Passionfruit πŸ“

wooAHHH HELLO HELLO HELLO! It’s your favorite passionfruits back here again, after two weeks of intense voting and studying! Sorry that we’ve been kind of MIA on this site, the very lazy and stressed writer of this particular post just loves to procrastinate

But aside from our super tiring and boring lives, Downtown picnic was a Super cool event and a REALLY great thanks to all of you who came down!!

We finally got a taste of how it was like to try and gather votes, and believe us, it doesn’t get easier. It was tiring and fun and nerve wrecking, and the moment we stood on the stage, answering the questions, our knees were shivering like, look at our faces:

that’s the look of pure terror there. But still, no matter how scary that was, it was a lot of fun. So many people came down to vote! It was really very overwhelming, so thanks to all our wonderful friends, family, and even teachers who came down to support us!πŸ˜„β€

But the fun and games are over and we’re currently in the middle of voting! Yeah…it’s not as great as it sounds though. Imagine scurrying to find friends and family to help vote not once, but four times, and refreshing the NEmation page.

Days and weeks past by and we are currently still in the top 5! Even though we were kicked out like twice, we still managed to scavenge enough votes to at least be in the top 5. To others, we probably look like this

Then again, 70% of our votes could not be possible without the help of our entire school cohort, teachers, and non-teaching staff! They were all so cooperative and supportive, hope you all read this and receive our heartfelt thanks and love!!❀✨❀

Also, another special occasion graced us just today! If you have been onto our instagram page, you would have noticed birthday cakes, cuddly pictures, a random video of Mabel’s birthday from two months ago. Guessed what occasion was it? That’s right, it’s our very own Yolanda’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Yolanda! May you continue to always be funny and get threatened by Mr Nova with pencils πŸ‘Ώ

And of course, not forgetting the Chinese New Year celebrations that began today! Scavenging for votes still continues, and we hope for every one of you to help us out too! is the place to vote, and there’ll be further instructions on the page too!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Let’s get all the ang paos and eat all the food! Til next time, folks, or at least, til the writer of this posts finds the time and energy to do so πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ if she doesn’t update soon, at least our instagram and twitter will always be up for consistent updates. Have a good rest everyone!πŸ…πŸ‰πŸŠπŸŽπŸ“

P.S. To whomever that had read this? HAVE YOU VOTED YET??? 

Here’s our animation: 

XDXD Remember to vote for us!! We are C10, and our team name is Team Passionfruit! πŸ˜‰

If you HAVE voted, have you voted on ALL 4 platforms?

The first platform is: 

Go to using your mobile.

Second platform:
Go to (using mobile/desktop site) 

Third platform: 
Go to using desktop site/laptop

Fourth platform is through SMS to 76677 using the format below:


NE11 FB C4 C1 C10 T1234567A Maybelle Ong

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