DinoStory part2. Have you voted?

Haloo again lovely readers! 

Have you voted??? It’s the last 50 hours before voting ends!  

Today I shall share with you guys….the BEGINNING of DinoSoar’s journey in N.E.mation11! Yup, how did we even get started?

Well..Farihah, Iqmal, Jihan and myself (Putri) first applied as a CCA. Yes we are from the same CCA – Media Club 

We were eager to try our luck in this competition and so we submitted our story that was inspired by Joseph Schooling. The gold medalist who helped bring glory to our nation. 

Cheers to Joseph Schooling! ^

We were so shocked to received news from our teachers that we have made it to the Top 100 selection. 

Top 100 briefing^^

During the Top 100 briefing, we had a mini excursion to MAS to learn about economic defence, one of the five pillars of total defence. In MAS, we learn how we keep the economic in Singapore stable and how they overcome economic crisis such as the Global Economic Crisis. 

Jihan in the MAS gallery ^
 From then onwards we had tough times waking up early to practise our pitches, ending on late afternoons to keep on refining and refining and refining our story. The amount times we had to redo our story was countless but our concept of olymtism still stays the same. If they was one thing we learnt through out the whole experience from Top 100 to Top 20 was that storyboard was the key to any production. I guess you can say that it is like the foundation to the building you want to built. 

Some of the boards we use for our first pitch ^^

Some of our story boards that were refined ^^

I guess that the most fun part about the whole entire experience would be meeting teams from different schools and working together as a whole team, going through ups and downs together. 😊

Thats all for now. Do remember to vote for our team’s clip and goodnight! I’ll be posting another DinoStory tomorrow so do look forward to that.

Lots of love, 

Putri 😊

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