Geekstrux: Gong-gong to the cha-cha returns PART TWOO

Hello guys! Its been so long gosh sorry we were just so so so busy busy busy with school work lol (sleeping on average at 1am everyday and not finishing homework still great life) not exaggerating though I mean it cries.

But here’s our very overdued post from like months ago cause i forgot to post it up although we drafted it so long ago woops but here it goes!!


When we came back after the 3 weeks, we decided to get gong cha again. Mae and Nika hid the drinks in their pockets, thinking she will not see. -.-
The next day, Ms Heather told us not to get it any more as it is unhealthy. Nika then said,

“She said that we cannot get gongcha so we shall get Each in a Cup instead.”


Once Ms Heather left with other instructors, we sneaked out of the lounge. (Poor Wan Ting who did not want bubble tea still had to follow them for no apparent reason).

The adventure started off wrong right from the start. The 2 paranoid members got scared by Mr Joshua at the entrance, when all he did was just walk in.
We ran to Each in a Cup, constantly looking behind to check if there is someone chasing after us.


RUN RUN (tb to safra recording)
On out way back, Mae suddenly shouted that the instructors were on the bridge, and we quickly went back.
Wan Ting reminded them of how silly they were as they were talking about the plan out loud with another instructor inside…..and Ms Heather could ask him where we were. It was also very obvious where we went. Its either Gong Cha or Each in a Cup.


On the escalator, we were talking if Ms Heather was back already. Two instructors turned around and we asked them, “Do you know where Ms Heather is?”
Just as we were about to turn right to the lounge, we saw the backs of Ms Heather and Ms Ying Hui. We instantly braked and hid behind the wall, judged by both students and instructors.

……Well, the ending was still the same.

And Nika’s drink got stuck in her pocket.





Lesson learned: Think fast, Act fast, Be fast
Oh and no gong Cha doesn’t mean no Each in a Cup😜


Geeking out,


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