3 reasons to vote for DinoSoar!

1. The CRAZY team

We are a crazy bunch of people with different characters. We name ourselves to be the characters in Barney and friends. Farihah- Barney, Jihan-Baby Bop , Iqmal-BJ , Putri- Riff. We love to have fun while working. 

Mario dancing^

Playing freesbie with instructors and impossibro^


Our video concept is based on sports and the olympic spirit which is unique,how we manage to link sports to the total defence theme. The message on how the values of every Singaporean making Singapore what it is today. We want to convey Singapore’s big dreams, aspiration and achievements through Olympism. We use the rotoscoping method to produce our clip that makes the work artistic and gives an iconic representation. 

3. We dare to be DIFFERENT
We intend to prove to ourselves that we too are capable in making an animation clip that is inspiring for everyone. A clip that every Singaporean can relate to. The team members are all from the video team (Media Club) and are inexperience in animation but try to explore animation.

To all who have voted for us, thank you so much for believing in our work. We really apprieciate all the support you guys have given us! To those who still have yet to vote, there’s only 5 hours left so keep on voting guys!!! Spread the word! 🙂


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