DinoStory part3… the last 24hrs to vote!


Another DinoStory to share before I go to bed…today’s been a long day and so is tomorrow. The team’s been preparing lots for the last few, very crucial, hours of voting. Tomorrow we’ll be pushing our limits! For today’s post, I’ll be going through some of the things we do during the animation workshop where we learn how to make a simple animation using stop motion to create a short story animation and a software to animated a digitally drawn jigglypuff.

Okay so for the stop motion part of the workshop, get hands on with some basic craft materials- coloured paper, some markers and bluetacks to create a short animation about pollution. It was really tedious work as we had to capture every movement 10 times to make it look animated.If something goes wrong, we had to recapture everything but overall it was an interesting experience as we were able to customise our own characters and background.

Animated Jigglypuff (never thought a pokemon could be any cuter)^^


Stop motion^^^

With all those pitchings we had, we finally get into work with the production. On our first day, we had a warm greeting from all the instructors. The production was like the climax of our story. We had to play hard and work hard. With all the support we got from our family and friends, it felt like nothing can stop us from moving on…


As we got closer to the final week of production, things were not going as per planned. We kept on having OTs to clear up the work we missed the days before and everything starts to snowball from day to day. We had a hard time working on our masterpiece but we kept on reminding ourselves that it was the last lap. The final lap before we finish the race. I was really proud of what the team has become and I don’t think I can ever forget the ups and downs we went true together as a team.

For the last few hours of voting, I would like to persuade everyone to vote. The team and I have worked tirelessly to make this dream happen and even for us to be seeing our masterpiece being played on the big screen, it is enough to make us realise how much we have achieved through this entire journey. We’ve already made this far and there’s no turning back. Help us to (Dino)Soar!!!!!!

-Putri 🙂



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