WE’RE ALMOST THERE – passionfruit πŸ“

Woah woah woAH guess what day is it tomorrow? Our dreaded day is tomorrow, and we’re going to find out how well we did, in terms of judging and voting.
We’ll admit, during the entire voting session, we had our ups and downs. You do not know how many heart attacks Mabel had, how much everyone all theorized all the updates Mr James gave us, and how intense everything got. It was really stressful, and most of us probably would want to go back to the animating stage (or at least, Mabel does)
At the eve of the release of the results, we’re just super sad and super nervous right now, like we’re all basically this:

In all honesty, we don’t think we’ll win. We’d love to get second or third place, but winning? That’s as likely as pigs flying, but whatever the case, we’re just happy we got this far! It’s been really fun, educational, and stressful, and the entire experience has been really eye-opening.

We’re all just sobbing with fear and nostalgia now, and it’s not even the event yet. There’ll be more tears later on, we promise. This may be the second last blogpost we’ll ever post, and that’s so horrifying for us (and for the editor who has spent hours writing the blogposts)
More things will be written tomorrow, as we say our final final goodbyes and thank all our fellow supporters, trainers, organizers etc. It’ll be so bittersweet, but for tonight, let’s have a good night rest before the bawling begins.

See everyone for the last time tomorrow! May all your wishes come true (and so do ours!) πŸ…πŸ‰πŸŠπŸŽπŸ“

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