Here are our Youth Crowdsource Category IHL Teams!

10 stories from the Youth Crowdsource Category submissions have been selected to be translated into animation by our partnering Institutes of Higher Learning! For the pilot run, our partners are Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Interactive & Digital Media and ITE College Central’s School of Design & Media. Continue reading to learn more about these teams and their animations!

Team Name: Sleepless Knights
Team Members: Chua Hui Min, Lim Isabel, Yumi Binte Mohd Zahary and Chew Ching Gje
Story Synopsis: Based on the 2015 SEA Games, the clip shows how the National Anthem unites Singaporeans under an unforeseen circumstance.


Team Name: C
Team Members: Sim Fei Crystalyn, Lya Ellyana Bte Rezuan, Nurul Syafini Subhan Bte M.A.S and Tan Lee Wen, Nicole
Story Synopsis: Their clip highlights that our Racial Harmony Day should not be taken for granted and that we need to work together with respect and understanding.


Team Name: D.B.R.W-ing
Team Members: Darren Tan Yuan Sheng, Ong Bonita, Rachel Lim Rui Qi and Tan Wen Bin
Story Synopsis: Their animation shows students in a class coming together to help their classmate and in the process, learn that strength lies in their unity.


Team Name: Nacho Cheese
Team Members: Tan Xiao Han, Ng Si Rong Nataline, Tan Chuan Jee and Manansala Galliene Gabrieli Cruz
Story Synopsis: Their clip shows how a messy ball of string slowly unravels – symbolising how Singapore evolved over time.


Team Name: LYNDA
Team Members: Yeon Hui Shan, Lim Qian Ting, Vivian and Nur Khairina Binte Asmi
Story Synopsis: The clip shows how everyday heroes team up to fight against a robber.


 Team Name: Roastea
Team Members: Nur Safinatun Nadja Binte Azeman, Neo Yi Yun, Agcanas Regina Angela Misagal and Puteri Nurulhudah Binte Zainal
Story Synopsis: Their clip shows a young boy growing up inspired by National Servicemen.


Team Name: Why are we N.E.mate
Team Members: Chiang Kheng He, Samantha Leong Sher Yen, Dawud Abdul Teo Wei Qiang and Phang Bi Lin, Yasir
Story Synopsis: This animation shows how a young girl’s interest in her father’s Army boots inspires her career choice.


Team Name: Sunshi.N.E
Team Members: Alicia Tung Rui Ling, Teo Jie Hui Jeff and Casala Andrew Jonathan David
Story Synopsis: This animation shows a Mother recount her experiences during the 1963 water shortage in Singapore to her daughter.


Team Name: No Vacation
Team Members: Hadi Mulia, Jasmine Lee, Jannice Tan and Shahvitra Bharathan
Story Synopsis: This animation highlights that while Singaporeans may have diverse backgrounds, that much like shadows, we have a common identity that unites us as one.


Team Name: Jajangmyeon
Team Members: Phoebe Lie, Salihin Sulaiman, Yeo Jia Xin and De Roza Evonnne Stella
Story Synopsis: This animation shows how the Singapore River has evolved as a symbol of our progress.

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