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Reflections …

Hello all! It’s the last 2+ days left for voting and everybody is crazily trying to garner more votes. Welllll, in my opinion, there’s nothing bad about it but there is another important thing to do though. And that is … Continue reading

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Hello all! It’s Xin Yi from EATYOUUP here. Anyways, it’s been approximately 2 weeks since voting has started and if have yet to cast your wise decisions on any of the 4 platforms, it’s not too late to do so … Continue reading

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Hello again!

Yup, Dawn here again! No, we are not gone yet. πŸ™‚ Hmm, we have been doing our own stuff after production’s over and all that. So, anyway… THE CLIPS ARE NOW UP! They are all really pretty and stuff after … Continue reading

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Vote for us!!!!!!

Hi,People!I am jun kang from Team Reveille! pls note that the voting for NEmation 6 is starting from 18 jan till february 7.So please check out our animation,Our magic number is C6.And our animation can be found on the official … Continue reading

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Hello! Xin Yi from EATYOUUP here ^^ After yesterday’s party in the working room, I blacked out and only woke up a couple of hours earlier. Anyways, I’d have to admit, being one of the oldest teams here really saps … Continue reading

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Week 3, Day 3!

It is me again (me being Dawn). Well, I happen to finish my work fast so here I am again to give you a short up-date on what’s going on in our little tent now. πŸ™‚Β  Hmm, we are pretty … Continue reading

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Week 2, Day 3.

HELLO AGAIN!Β  Dawn here! Yes, it is me again but my other members will be talking to you guys pretty soon. Let me up-date you on what’s new with my team. πŸ™‚ #1: Our production! Our production is going smoothly … Continue reading

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EATYOUUP (Just kidding.)

Hmm, okay HELLO EVERYONE! πŸ™‚ (I am Dawn typing here by the way.) So, let me give you an introduction on my group. We are EATYOUUP from Dunman High School (Senior High). We are in JC1 this year and well, … Continue reading

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