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…by europe is a great song… jokes aside, there are only a  few hours of voting left.Needless to say we are all trying to gather a many votes as we can.It’s not easy but necessary in order to win… we … Continue reading

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Happy Chinese New Year! and some minor updates…

Happy lunar new year to all as we welcome the year of the horse! We’re back with an update! The start of the lunar new year is tomorrow and we’re all feeling the festive atmosphere. However, this year is different for … Continue reading

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The Downtown Picnic!

Well the downtown picnic was crazy! Needless to say, we had quite a fun yet tough went smoothly and everything was peachy keen!We had to do a pseudo speech-interview thing and we were a nervous wreck. It doesn’t help … Continue reading

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…well to be specific, it was yesterday but due to the downtown picnic,we were all dead tired when we got back… so yes, it was a crazy day yesterday…talking to complete strangers can be tough and tiring.but enough about that … Continue reading

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1st Day of School

Whether you’re young or old, we all experienced that sense of dread when school reopens.Today, schools from all across the island open it’s doors once again.Seeing new faces for the new sec ones of 2014 can be quite daunting. Well, … Continue reading

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Quickie update!

After the week of silence (apologies), we decided to update the blog again… Well…we are busy… catching up on homework and such and the crazy amount of homework given for the holidays is killing us! Of course we are soldiering … Continue reading

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And so it was….

And here we are… …on the final page of this chapter… the 3 weeks have finally come to its end.It has been one crazy roller coaster ride but it was worth it. we not only learnt so much about animating, … Continue reading

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3rd Last Day

Progress of our work Miraculously on time… …the journey was a long one but we’re on the final stretch… and now, we will release….something that might interest you…hopefully a trailer coming soon….probably…maybe…maybe not we’ll keep you posted…

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Message to our blogger, Ms Mint

Last day with our blogger… Here’s a message to you… Although the time we spent was short, but we had a lot of fun.  We appreciate the gifts and the messages you gave us. Thank you for the food that you … Continue reading

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The Last Week of the Production & Open house…

And here we are:the last week of production. Through out the last 2 weeks, we’ve been through many hurdles,much pain and discovered much about ourselves and one another and here comes the final stretch! tonnes of animating,touching up and work … Continue reading

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